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    I’m trying to use the gravity forms and your directory add on, to make an anime distro download system for wordpress similar in function to this one

    So far i managed to add the directory tables to show the necessary details. Everything except the following:

    1. how to add free file hosting icons instead of text as part of the multi selection option ?

    2. how do i make the username for the URL submitter to be displayed. Oddly it shows correctly in admin view, but in your table it’s displayed as an ID number. Could you change it back to show the username text, and not the ID number of the user ?

    3. I want the entry date to be shown like Hsbsitez which is a horizontal bar above the table column headers. Or more accurately, if 5 entries were uploaded on the same date, i want all of them to be listed under a horizontal header for that date like Hsbsitez, rather than show the repetitive date in a vertical column. Would this be possible in a future update of your plugin ?

    4. I tried following the instructions by creating an admin see only multiple selection field, with the options Approved, and Rejected. By default when someone submits a download link, it’s set to default as rejected. When i view the entry via admin panel, i then need to edit the submission link to change from rejected, to Approved before it will be displayed in the forms directory. However this did not work. In the end i had to not set show only Approved filter. Could you kindly fix this ? Cause i don’t think it’s working, or teach me how exactly to do this.

    5. How do i set your directory plugin to hide download links in the table from being viewed by non registered users ?

    6. How do i make an individual entry to be shown by itself like the Hsbsitez ? The plugin seems to indicate that it can do this, but i haven’t managed to figure out how though. Either that or that feature is not working.

    7. i am using an URL link cloaker plugin. However it can’t seem to do it’s magic in regards to URLS within your table. Could you make it plugin friendly for others plugins that will modify the url to cloak it ? Basically i don’t want your plugin to mess with the url, and instead allow my other plugin that is in charge of cloaking external links to do it’s magic. I did notice there is options to disable url tampering for your plugin, however even disabling those features, my other plugin couldn’t seem to modify the url, i don’t know why.

    Anyway your plugin covers most of what i need it to do, except for these 7 things i haven’t quite managed to figure out yet.

    Think you could help ?

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