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  • Resolved Adam W. Warner


    Hi guys,

    I was pleased to find your plugin as a client I’m working with uses CC. I installed and used the correct CC credentials (I can login with same on CC site).

    This is the error I’m receiving:

    Invalid username / password combo. Please try another combination. Please note: spaces in your username are not allowed. You can change your username in the My Account link when you are logged into your account, and this may remedy the problem.

    There are no spaces in the username but there is an @ symbol. Unfortunately, as this is a client site, I’m unable to change their username at this time.

    Do you think this could be something that would affect your plugin’s ability to connect to CC?

    I’m an experienced WP user, so any troubleshooting of manual plugin edits to test any ideas you have are doable.

    I am looking forward to any advice you may have so I can move forward with your plugin. And as always, I appreciate you making this available on the repo:)


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  • Adam, it is more than likely the username and the @ symbol. I posted this just a few mintues ago:

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks nwtechie, I’ll try and convince the client to change this username and give it a shot.

    No worries. I would love to find out if it worked for you as well.

    Our client was easy to convince. I can only hope the same for you!

    Just a quick update…changing the username and removing the @ symbol is the previous username worked for me and enabled the Constant Contact validation.

    Hopefully the developer will read this thread and provide an update.

    Plugin Contributor Zack Katz


    Thanks for the update, Adam and nwtechie. I’ll add this solution to the plugin FAQs as well.

    Thanks Zack, good to know:)

    …and it should not go without saying, and often does too often I’m afraid…THANK YOU for providing this plugin!

    Super useful:)

    my client’s username doesn’t contain any special characters or anything but I am still unable to connect…? any ideas?

    could my problem be related to the fact that they make me go through a vpn for security for this client? could that vpn connection be disallowing my connection to constant contact?



    hey, i still haven’t been able to get my Constant Contact connected… is there any other limitations with this? there are only letters and numbers in my username and password… I have had this work for other sites but cannot figure out how to get this connected… is there any know conflicts with other plugins? the only plugin that might be weird enough to cause a conflict is all in one calendar… any ideas!!!?


    Get their other plugin

    which they say in the read me “removed dependency” on; but I needed it.
    1. install gravity form constant contact add-on.
    2. errors connecting with username/changes/special characters not working
    3. install the api plugin mentioned above.
    4. connect with that plugin, then go back and connect with the gforms add-on
    5. works like a charm.

    Did this problem get fixed? I still can’t login with an email address as my username. I don’t see the solution in the FAQs either like it said they would be. I’d rather not have to ask my client to change their username. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Did you install the constant contact api plugin mentioned above, AND the Gravity Form’s Constant Contact plugin (2 plugins required for this to work)? If you did, navigate to plugins > Installed plugins > Constant Contact API > settings, and confirm your username (email) is entered there too under account details, and as well, confirm the same username/password is entered under Forms (the gravity forms navigation in the dashboard sidebar) > Constant Contact > Constant Contact Settings next to Constant Contact Feeds. You need to enter the email/username twice both places for the connection to work.

    [Please do not use these forums to advertise your organisation]

    I also cannot get connected.

    I have changed the user name and password over and over with no success.

    I also have the api plug in installed and it verifies the credentials just fine.

    I have tried the above suggestions with no success.

    I really need this to work.
    I paid for the plug-in.

    I’m having no luck with this either. I have both plugins installed. The api plugin confirms the username/password fine. The gravity forms add-on says it can’t connect. I changed the username at constant contact from an email, to a string containing only alpha-numeric characters. The add-on just won’t connect with them. Anyone get this to work, lately?

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