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  • registered users with appropriate Grand Flash settings are getting error message:

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    Looks like a data-field and/or value is not been set up properly.
    Uninstalled the plugin. Nice plugin if you get it to work.


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  • Well..the options page has a minimum access level that a user must have to see it, either these users are too low or the options page was coded incorrectly. Have you tried accessing the same page as an admin?

    all functions can be accessed as an admin, assigning different roles i.e. ‘subscriber’ breaks the functionality. The registered user can can see and access the control-panel. Having assigned the appropriate rights to a ‘subscriber’ it is not possible to i.e. upload pictures or create a category. A ‘blank’ screen is showing with the mentioned error message.
    To our understanding this is caused by insufficient user-rights of a GFA database field.


    Sounds dumb, but are you sure that there’s a setting that allows subscribers to upload pics/create categories, and if so have you actually enabled/selected it?

    yes, it sounds dumb.

    We’ve run several WP user-settings and their related GFAG settings. All with the same result: admin has access, subscriber/author is receiving error message

    Then my guess it’s an error in the actual plugin code, I’d have to see it to be able to help ya :\

    Appreciate the offer, but as we said, we’ve de-installed it already. It broke code on several places and we don’t find the concept suitable for our side.

    This is just a recommendation: Tone and attitude of your site and the ‘de-install messages’ may come across a bit – humm – snotty.

    We’ve worked together with many plugin-developer successfully to fix bugs and/or bang out discrepancies. Unfortunately we’ll drop the ball here.

    As your ‘de-install message’ says: Good luck!

    Wait who are you talking to?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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