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    I’m having problems creating playlists or getting any audio tracks to display in my widget section and I can’t obtain any skins.

    I’ve managed to increase the PHP limit on file sizes and I’m able to upload mp3 files from my desktop but I still are not able to create playlists or choose any skins from the GRAND FlAGallery – Best Photo & Media plug-in.

    Even though it has let me successfully upload 2 mp3s from my desktop it won’t let me create a playlist of these songs, well it actually does let me create and name this playlist but then it just says ‘playlist can’t be found’ and ‘Create directory please:”/wp-content/flagallery/playlists/”

    So I created a folder and called it ‘flagallery’ which I uploaded into my wp-content’s folder and I then created a folder (containing my mp3’s), named it ‘playlists’ and put it inside the ‘flagallery’ folder, just like the error message said (so that the directory would be /wp-content/flagallery/playlists/)

    But it still doesn’t work, when I choose ‘import mp3 from folder and chooses this folder I get this error message

    The selected file could not be copied to /hsphere/local/home/amandla/

    The mp3 files uploaded from my desktop no problem and they are now in the wordpress music library but I just can’t seem to ‘do anything’ with them such as create a playlist and putting them in my widget section.

    So… I’m very, very confused to say the least : (

    when I click ‘create playlist’ and chooses the two songs that are currently in my wordpress music library it asks me to name the playlist. I named it Lars 1, but then I get this error message

    Can’t create/open file ‘/hsphere/local/home/amandla/’.


    I ‘m not having any luck with the skins either, even though I followed the instructions and put the flagallery-skins folder inside the plugins folder so that the directory now is wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skin. I got an error message saying that the ‘flagallery-skin’ folder wasn’t writable so I changed the number from 755 to 766. I then got a message saying that permission was created successfully but it didn’t change anything. There are still ‘no skins to show’ and when I try to install the skins from my desktop I don’t know which file to choose. For example, there is a folder named ‘green style pro demo’ which contains colors.php, galley.swf, green_style_demo.php, screenshot.png, settings.php and xml.php

    I have no idea what to do now…

    Would be extremely grateful for some help


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  • Without seeing what is happening, I’m unsure how many of your issues I can address (I’ve only just figured out the mp3 player myself). But let me try a couple anyway:

    (1) The image-gallery skins (e.g., Green Style Pro DEMO) do NOT go with the Music Box. The three “skins” that go with the mp3 player “out of the box” are the

    (a) Singleton MP3 Music Player, which is assigned to a single mp3 when it is uploaded; you can use this if you are only posting a single mp3 (use the shortcode);

    and 2 skin options under your playlist settings when you have already created a playlist and click on it to edit it and assign it multiple mp3s:

    (b) MP3 Compact Music Player for WordPress, and
    (c) MP3 Music Player for WordPress.

    You can edit the colors on the (a) Singleton MP3 Music Player under:
    FlAGallery -> Options -> MP3 Single Players options

    You can edit the colors and size on the

    (b) MP3 Compact Music Player for WordPress, and
    (c) MP3 Music Player for WordPress under the playlist options:

    After creating a playlist, click it; you can then choose the skin and “Change Skin Options” for whichever skin you have chosen for that particular playlist (and then also add mp3 files to the playlist that you have already uploaded).

    2. Uploading: I never use the Upload Music button under the WordPress Music Library because the file limit is so small. I

    a. FTP my mp3 (I did one over 26mb) directly to wp-content/ (no need to create new folders (but see below), but the mp3 needs to be in that folder before you can upload it into the library)
    b. toggle the DIR browser button and choose wp-content/,
    c. click “delete files after import in WordPress Media Library” (you don’t have to, but it saves you the trouble of deleting the mp3 later), and
    d. click Import Folder.

    It finds my mp3s in the wp-content/ folder, uploads them to the WordPress Music Library and assigns them the Singleton MP3 Music Player skin.

    Then create and name the playlist under WordPress Music Libary, click on it after it’s created, and assign one or more mp3s to it, choose a skin, alter the skin, etc. Embedding the shortcode will call up that playlist with that skin. You can also edit for auto-start (true/false).

    If you still get the message:
    “‘Create directory please:”/wp-content/flagallery/playlists/”
    do just that: create a new folder “playlists” inside the flagallery folder; it will show up next to your image gallery folders (if you have any). Then try again to create a playlist.

    That is: if you have downloaded this plugin, it has *already* created a folder “flagallery”; don’t create another. Just look in it, and if there is no folder “playlists” inside that folder, then create one.

    If you already know all this, then I apologize. But perhaps this will help.

    Thank you so much for your help,

    In the end I had to upload my mp3s to wp-content/uploads/2011/11

    very strange but at least it’s working now



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