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    Congrats for your plug in.
    I would like to make some questions/suggestions before I buy some of your skins. I saw the demos in firefox browser with activated and deactivated the flash and in ipod touch.

    Question/Suggestions for the Galllery
    1. When the flash is activated I don’t see anywhere any link to download the photo that you are looking at the moment. Is it possible for an option like this to be made?
    2. If I want to show only one photo of a gallery into a post how can I do it?
    3. Is it possible through an iphone,ipad, ipod, when you click on a photo to open it to a new window with it’s original size?
    4. Can we hide the copyright when we buy a slider?

    Question/Suggestions for the MP3 Player
    1. Why when the flash is deactivated it doesn’t play the tracks?
    2. In the ipod it showed me the player very small. Is it possible to make it bigger so it will be more accessible?
    3. Can it play files from external links?
    That is all for now

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    for the Gallery
    1. There is no such option
    2. go to Post edit -> click Add Media -> FlAG Gallery tab -> choose gallery -> choose image -> click show -> choose thumb or full size -> click insert in post button.
    3. long tap on the thumbnail -> Open on new page
    4. Right click copyright can be removed only with commercial developer license

    for the MP3 Player
    1. HTML5 mp3 player supported only in Chrome and Safari
    2. This is default html5 music player. In each browser it looks different. But you can customize it with CSS.
    3. No, it can’t. It’s forbidden by Adobe Flash Player.

    Ok, thanks for the information.:)

    Hello, I would like to make again after so many months the first question, how can a visitor download a photo when he sees it with the flash template?

    Extra questions…
    1.When someone gets in through using a mobile or a tablet or from a pc can it be an option to PhotoSwipe?

    2. Can it have the capability to put ads in every row(every second or third row) that I choose, and when the lightbox is on and it shows the photo it will have an ad in every certain amount of photos that the visitor will view? Example: After every 4 photos that a visitor sees an ad will appear as the next one, and to see the next photo the visitor must click next photo.

    3. Can this gallery have the capability, to use the same gallery database or some albums of some galleries in more than one site in a multisite wp?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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