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  • The theme I’m working with is Twenty Ten 1.2.

    OK – fixed it.
    If anyone else strikes this, its:

    line 47
    ‘if ( ! isset( $content_width ) )
    $content_width = 640;’

    Change that width and Bobs your uncle!

    What is the path of the functions.php where you added that change? I’m looking through the code in the gpp-slideshow/gpp_functions.php location and I can’t find the code you’ve written above for the life of me. Fantastic photos on your site by the way. Thanks!

    After trying all sorts of things to display images at 900×600 I found that the $content_width function Don mentions is in gpp-scripts.php line 84. Maybe the location is dependent by plugin version, mine is 1.0.5. Good luck!

    Plugin Contributor Philip Arthur Moore


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    Coming in a bit late on this. Base and (most of) its child themes are 620 pixels wide with a sidebar and 940 pixels wide without a sidebar. There are two ways to fix this problem. One is to edit the plugin (gpp_scripts.php):

    function gpp_gallery_slideshow_width() {
    	  global $content_width;
    		if ( ! isset( $content_width ) )
    			$content_width = 620;
    		$caption_width = $content_width - 40;
    		echo '<style type="text/css">';
    		echo '#gpp_slideshow_wrapper {width: '.$content_width.'px}';
    		echo '#gpp_slideshow .gpp_slide .caption {width: '.$caption_width.'px}';
    		echo '</style>';
    	add_action('wp_head', 'gpp_gallery_slideshow_width');

    Change 620 to whatever you like.

    The other, I believe, is to just define $content_width in your theme’s functions.php file. That’ll save you from having to tinker with the plugin files.

    Thanks VERY much for the tips, Andrei and Phillip. No worries on the timing. Been really busy with image gathering the past few days and will try these fixes later today- let you know how I do. Much appreciated!

    Got it working great. Here’s another question: my text on the slideshow page is appearing miles down the page with a huge gap in between. How to either get the text to appear above the slideshow and/or how to shrink up that huge chunk of space? Know where to find that setting? Thanks!

    The solution suggested above had worked for me up until yesterday, when I tried to add a new gallery, and the WordPress gallery defaults to 680 × 453

    I noticed that in the gallery dialogue the large image size is 680 × 453, even though I have set it to be 900 x 600 in the media settings.

    Does anyone have a fix for this issue?


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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