• rehhoff


    A plugin that used to be really great fell victim to the most common pitfall of software development… bloat

    To me this plugin had one job, disable all comments.

    With the latest update it bundled a “Setup wizard” and now uses a color scheme that doesn’t fit well with wordpress core design standards.

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  • Plugin Support Abid Hasan


    Hi @rehhoff ,

    Hope you’re doing good.

    First of all, we’re so sorry for any inconvenience you had with Disable Comments new UI and the new Quick Setup Wizard. We really appreciate your feedback.
    In this major v2.0 version, Our main focus was to bring new user friendly design with modern look and some exciting new features. Besides that, We always follow the best practice in our development.

    We have introduced, WP-CLI support for configure settings page with WP-CLI command. Also Disable Comments now have ability to block comments that comes from XML-RPC and REST-API.
    And more will come in future gradually.

    Anyways, this review seems a bit unfair and it will really harm us. So, I would really appreciate if you reconsider the rating.
    Thanks for your feedback and your co-operation is highly appreciated.

    Plugin Author Rupok


    Hi @rehhoff

    We have released an update and removed the setup wizard completely, so there’s no more distraction I believe. We’ll be more careful to add new features and will surely keep it minimal.

    I hope you will keep using the plugin and share your valuable feedback so we can keep improving and up to date with time. Just putting a negative review won’t help much while positive feedback could change things differently. Feel free to get in touch with our support if you have anything to share.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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