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    Thanks for your post. We’re happy to assist with issue resolution. Can you provide more information and the specific error message? Errors encountered have been easily resolved thus far. There are FAQs, and common basic errors/resolutions listed in the Googlyzer Web Forums, did you try any of those?

    We’ve tested Googlyzer successfully on various OS/Browser configurations, and also noted some platforms with issues, due to JavaScript function support within the browser. The list is available under the Other Notes link on the Googlyzer plugin page in the Repository.

    Regarding your specific error:

    • When did you receive the error? (what were you doing)
    • What was the specific error message?
    • What OS and browser version(s) were in use when you received the error?

    Hi wmsedgar, thanks for your reply.

    I have not gone into your forums, as I find using the WordPress forums much easier.

    Also there are so many different Google Analytics plugins around, that I don’t have time to look into debugging yours.

    I was looking for a new stats plugin, found yours and decided to give it for a spin. It doesn’t work (properly), so I switched to another.

    I am on OSX (Snow Leopard) and have tried to use your plugin on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
    Safari works although it does show the 400 error the first time. Then after logging out and in again it seems to work properly.
    Chrome does not work, mostly 400 errors, no additional info and sometimes 500 errors, also no additional info
    With Firefox my entire Dashboard is gone, that is to say, only the word Dashboard shows, for the rest nothing.

    As the website I needed it for is for a client, there is no way that I keep the plugin; I think you can understand that.

    Anyways, good luck with the plugin, maybe I will try it out in a couple of months again…

    Plugin Author wmsedgar



    We appreciate your situation. Unfortunately, the information you provided doesn’t give us a lot of data with which to diagnose your problem. Generally, it sounds like you may have tried to access the Googlyzer dashboard before authenticating with Google and saving your settings. Some notes:

    1. BEFORE accessing the dashboard, you must ALWAYS go to the General Settings tab and follow the instructions to authenticate with Google, grant access to Googlyzer for your analytics data, and then SAVE your settings. Otherwise Googlyzer has no means to retrieve your analytics data feed and build the dashboard. We have only seen 400 errors in test when the authentication step had not been done prior to accessing the dashboard.
    2. Another potential scenario: when switching between browsers, did you go back to the General Settings page and repeat the authentication and granting access process with Google Analytics? If not, this could explain your issues. Each browser stores it’s own authentication token (cookie), and these are not shared between browsers.
    3. Another possible (less likely) scenario: did you have multiple browsers open with active sessions connected to Googlyzer when you received the errors? We have seen issues with the Google authentication mechanism when another browser is open with an active session that is also authenticated with Google.
    4. Another possible (less likely) scenario: were you signed into another Google account via another browser tab or browser window while performing the authentication process for Googlyzer? If so, this can cause Google authentication and grant access process to fail.

    We are also curious what browser version(s) you tried, as older browser versions do have issues with javascript function support.

    We’re currently working on Googlyzer v1.3, and hoping to incorporate some more graceful error handling, as well as additional browser compatibility checks. We hope you’ll give Googlyzer another shot down the road.

    In the meantime, we’re going to mark this issue resolved. Let us know if you’re interested in working with us to diagnose further.

    OK, the problems I experienced are described in your scenario 2.

    I run several Google accounts and used Safari to authenticate, so as not to have to log out of my other accounts.

    For you it is good to know that the plugin then probably works fine, but this also means that for clients projects I will not be able to use your plugin.
    The reason for that is that my clients never have access to plugin settings, which in turn means that they will never be able to authenticate.

    I think a lot of developers don’t give their clients access to plugins or give them an administrator role without the manage_options capability. For all such sites, clients will never be able to access their own statistics, so you might want to rethink that one.

    Anyways, thanks for your thoughts and explanations!

    Plugin Author wmsedgar



    Glad we’ve pinned down the issue. At present, Googlyzer is really only meant for users with WP Admin capability, as the dashboard is only accessible via the admin console links. We have future enhancements planned to provide functionality outside of the admin context, and those could make Googlyzer more relevant in your environments. We also intend to make the browser compatibility checks and authentication token error handling more robust.

    One thought is that at present, you could perform the authentication step for your customers during setup, as this only need be performed once (assuming they use the same web browser). However, as you say, they will not be able to access the Googlyzer Settings pages in order to customize the dashboard, and they would also need admin access in order to view the dashboard page, so that may not help.

    Anyway, if you get a chance, please update your works/broken vote in the WP Plugin Repository, as I think we’ve identified the plugin is not broken, it’s just that it doesn’t provide the functionality you need at present. Thanks again for your feedback. It’s always helpful to hear different usage perspectives to help drive future updates.

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