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    After upgrading from version 3.1.9 I had the following problems on my 2 blogs.

    PHP 5.2.11/MySQL 5.0.81 (No problem with time outs nor memory exhaustion.)

    Time/Memory used between version 3.1.9 and 3.2:

    Test blog (running WP 2.9 beta 1) (6 posts)

    3.1.9 = 2.01 secs/20 MB 3.2 = 12.5 secs/26 MB

    4 year old personal blog (running 2.8.6) (approx. 1000 posts):

    3.1.9 = 5.03/21 MB 3.2 = 12.5 secs/36 MB

    I had updated the plugin automatically. Reactivation took around 20+ sec on each site (auto-update reactivation for previous versions was around 5 to 6 secs).

    Attempting to access the XML Sitemaps options page redirected me to a page stating that I didn’t have sufficient permissions to access that page (I’m the administrator so I found this hard to believe). After reloading 3 or 4 times the options page finally came up. Same behavior on both sites.

    Non-cached home page rendering on both sites took approx 8 sec with version 3.2 activated versus a normal .6 to .8 sec (tested with Firefox 3.6 RC, 3.5.5 and IE 8.0). These times refer to dynamic generation of page not total browser rendering time.

    Downgrading to version 3.1.9 returned both sites and plugin behavior to normal.

    Note: I haven’t had any problems with the previous versions and unfortunately, nothing is showing up in the error logs so I’m unable to provide any more information other than the above. If there’s any other test I can perform please let me know.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the note! I will try to find out more, but actually the changes in the new version are not really related to the build process itself so its strange that the memory usage increased.

    The permission problem on the admin page appears because of the changed plugin identifier. Before it used just a hardcoded “sitemap.php”, so the URL of the admin page was always options-general.php?page=sitemap.php. I’ve changed this to use the recommended WordPress function plugin_basename, which includes the plugin directory too, so the new url is something like
    options-general.php?page=google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php, or whatever the directory is named.

    Accessing the page through the menu should be fine, did you use a bookmark or the history of your browser to access it?



    Hi arnee,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve re-tested the plugin in both blogs (as stated in my first post) and the results are the same. Increased time on building and increased memory usage. Just so you know, there’s nothing special or “tweaked” about these two sites at all, both are default WP installs. My host (Bluehost) has no restrictions whatsoever BTW. I’m perfectly free to make any mistakes I wish. 🙂

    The site permission problem only happened once right after I updated the plugin and attempted to go to the plugin’s settings page. To correct my original post, reloading the page didn’t help, it was navigating to another admin page (such as “Dashboard”) and back to the Sitemaps settings page that “fixed” the problem. I don’t think this is a problem actually, just one of those glitches I’ve often seen when an update changes things like paths and such. It’s almost as if you have to reload the entire admin before the WP admin UI is updated to the changes.

    And nope, no bookmark–menu navigation only.

    Here’s a list of my plugins installed in my personal blog (test blog only has a few of these). All are up to date with the latest versions. I think the thing to keep in mind here is that previous versions of XML sitemaps have always worked fine and consistently with the same plugins installed up to 3.2 and only 3.2 exhibits this behavior on 2 different sites running two different versions of WordPress.

    Hope I didn’t overdo it on the info here. I have a bad habit of being long winded.

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