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    I created my sitemap the way I normally do for other WordPres sites, but for some reason this sitemap has added a # symbol as a link listed in my sitemap. This # link is causing Google Webmaster Tools to reject the sitemap. I have a few pages on my site that redirect to # links, but all of those pages have been added to the exclude list in the plugin.

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  • I’m also suffering from this issue on a site.

    The only thing I can think that’s different between this and other sites is the fact that this site is using Suffusion as a theme, and also has some top-level pages which are not linked to in the site.

    I have this same issue as well. With the # in the loc XML element, Google Webmaster Tools will not accept the site map. Has there been any resolution to this issue?

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    what do you mean exactly with “top-level pages which are not linked to in the site“?

    Does this problem still exists in the latest beta?

    Yes, this problem exists in the latest beta. Thanks.

    Just discovered that the problem goes away when I deactivate the “Page Links To” plugin. Not sure if csogilvie is using this plugin but there is a definite conflict.

    I also have this problem.
    The Weaver theme gives an option to “switch off” a page to appear in the menu, and to become a dead-page (dead main menu option) where only underlying pages are active in the dropdown menu.

    This is from the theme support forum:

    For a page checked as: Menu “Placeholder” page in the Theme (great feature that I need), the sitemap has an entry with only: #
    And that is regarded invalid sitemap-syntax.

    Is there anything I can do in the Theme or page or would this be a sitemap-generator bug ?

    It is fairly standard to use a link with simply ‘#’ to mean “here”. I would think the sitemap-generator should know about that common idiom. There’s a simple JavaScript equivalent that some HTML writers use instead (don’t remember right off the top of my head) that should be handled as well.

    To temporarily solve this I switch the theme-option off again but for sure I would like to use that feature.

    Thanks, Piet

    Experiencing the same issue, for example here:

    Using the Suffusion theme.

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    It is indeed! 🙂

    (PS: Don’t forget to update . It still says 4.0b6 Beta is most recent beta)

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