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  • Today I installed google sitemap generator and the XML file gets rendered (also the gzipped version).

    I just have no clue why it does not include any static pages.
    On the debug page there are not any errors showing up.

    Another problem is that the priority values are floored to integers. Which made the startpage 1 and all other entries 0. I still can select for e.g. 0,6 from the dropown but it gets converted to 1. I saved all items with value 1 but still no static pages showing up in the sitemap.xml.

    The INT problem might be caused by my locale (which is de_DE). You can see in the sourcecode that the numbers of the priorities JS array are written as 0, 0,1, 0,2, 0,3, etc. instead of 0, 0.1, 0.2, etc. I changed this one line manually but it did not have any effect. I don’t know the plugin well enough to dig any further.

    Removing the local localizations and so switching back to english did not help either.

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  • OK. After some more investigation the INT problem is caused by my de_DE locale (which gets set for LC_ALL by qtranslate plugin). Disabling setlocale for a second allowed me to set the correct values for the priorities.

    Sadly the static pages still do not show up. Has anybody the same problem at wordpress 2.7?

    HAHA. Sorry for spamming this forum with my own comments but I am just too stupid.

    A long time ago I renamed my “Default” category to “Uncategorized”. In the plugin settings I decided to not include items from “Uncategorized” to the sitemap. One just has to know that all pages are within this category (which has the category ID 1).

    Everything working now… except the setlocale bug which I hope to get fixed in a future plugin release.

    I’m not sure I understand you here…I’m having the same issue… and now one of my sites, which was indexed on Google’s page 1, is on page 8, all because I had an issue with my blog..deleted it and recreated it after about a week!

    Care to please take me through the steps as I am really trying to recreate the sitemap using the sitemap generator.

    I have a static site with a blog on it…
    The sitemap generator is only indexing the blog, and bypassing the static site…and it’s driving me nuts!

    Looks like blog webmasters want us all to be coders huh?

    Your assistance would be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

    I found the setlocale() issue reason and wrote an article about.
    Also at my blog it wrotes back int settings at german language locales and i also show the reason and the solution, and of cource using as example “Google Sitemap Generator”.



    The Sitemap Generator works flawlessly, except that manually added static pages are not being added. I have dozens of static html pages that are linked to from the WordPress front and from posts, but only the WordPress pages show up. Any way to get all the URLs included?

    Thanks a lot mate.
    Been baffled by why my static pages where excluded as well, and got it solved in 3 minutes (show you how good post title can affect search engine rankings)
    Right..let me try find out why permalinks for static pages don’t work.

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