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  • Dear Arne,

    Thank you so much for creating this excellent plugin for the WordPress community! I use it on all the WordPress sites I build for my clients.

    I noticed a problem with the automatic detection of the path and URL for the sitemap file in Version 3.2.6, and the problem still exists in 3.2.7. The problem is specific to sites running on a shared hosting plan with a shared SSL certificate. Whether the automatic detection succeeds or fails depends on what’s in Settings > General.

    Automatic detection succeeds with these settings:

    WordPress Address (URL):

    Site Address (URL):

    Automatic detection fails with these settings:

    WordPress Address (URL):

    Site Address (URL):

    I’ve developed this three-step workaround:

    1. Use the first settings to get the correct path and URL in your plugin.
    2. Switch from Automatic detection to Custom location in your plugin and then click on Update options to lock in the correct path and URL.
    3. Switch to the second settings in Settings > General so that my site displays a pretty URL to my visitors, but also uses the shared SSL certificate to secure logins and site administration.

    Would it be possible for you to update your plugin so that it will be easier to install on sites with shared hosting and shared SSL certificates? If you use the (internal) WordPress Address instead of the (external) Site Address for automatic detection, I think it will work better, hopefully for everyone!

    Thanks again,

    Fred Chapman
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  • Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for letting me know! The new beta version doesn’t use any static files anymore, so this problem should be gone. It will soon be final, so I don’t want to change anything anymore in the old branch.

    Feel free to try the beta and let me know if you have any problems:



    Hi Arne,

    Thanks for your speedy reply! I tried the beta version just now. There are a couple of things that don’t work on my configuration. The problem is that it tells the virtual robots.txt file and the admin panel that the sitemap URL is

    This is incorrect and results in a blank screen if I visit the URL in my browser. (I don’t get an error message, just a blank screen.) The correct URL in my configuration is

    I used the debugging function to see what the plugin did. It actually did everything else correctly! All of these were correct:

    • [sm_b_filename_manual]
    • [sm_b_fileurl_manual]
    • [_xmlPath]
    • [_xmlUrl]
    • [_zipPath]
    • [_zipUrl]
    • [_googleUrl]
    • [_askUrl]
    • [_msnUrl]

    I should also add that the HTML version of the URL works perfectly:

    If you just change the sitemap URL in the virtual robots.txt file and the admin panel, the plugin will be perfect for my purposes!



    Hi Arne,

    Can you tell me whether the latest beta version of your plugin fixes the minor problems I reported above? You know better than I do, but I think it would be an easy fix. With those minor changes, the plugin would be perfect for my needs!

    Thank you so much,


    Until now i still having this same problem with 3.2.8 i have this since i’ve updated from the 3.2.6 i hope there’s a fix for this.

    I have installed my wordpress in it’s own directory for ex. then whenever i rebuild my sitemap it generates to the worpress directory ( not in the root directory ( And the detected URL still points to the root directory.

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