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  • Hi there,

    I’ve made some fixes to the sitemap plugin and included the user interface style for the WP 2.7 version.

    Feel free to try it and if you have experienced any problems in the previous versions, please check if they are solved now. If not, please post in this thread and let me know. To fix some bugs, I might need to have a look at your specific WordPress installation, so if you would like to help getting rid of them, please write me an email after posting here so we can exchange the server access details.

    Thanks for your assistance!

    Here is the download URL:


    With other words, test it on a test site first 😉

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  • Hi Arnee,

    I have tried several times to upload th sitemap generator. Although I can see it in my webshell it does not show up on my list of plugins … I am new to WordPress and I am not really skilled with the technical aspect of things so I probably did something wrong or omitted a step.

    Can you help?


    Hi deballen,

    did you copy the plugin into the right folder? The structure should look like that:


    i am testing it locally with a variety of other plugins. everything seems to work smoothly so far. I am clicking everything i can possibly click among the plugin option but it responds pretty smoothy! Another great work of yours! i am using Wampserver 2.0 to have my wordpress blog installed locally.

    before AND after I installed new version it will only build sitemap if I uncheck all the notification services. otherwise I get a blank page when trying to manually build it.

    Has anyone had problems with Windows Live Writer and WP 2.7 with Google XML Sitemaps? I get the following error with WLW when trying to post:

    The response to the metaWeblog.newMediaObject method received from the weblog server was invalid:

    Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server

    Sorry – here’s a link to the issue I mention above using older versions of both software:

    WordPress 2.3 and Windows Live Writer Issue

    Works flawlessly for me on 2.7 as well. Great update!

    I’m using WP 2.6.2. The sitemap still won’t update automatically, and it updates only when i click “Rebuild sitemap manually”. It doesn’t add posts to the sitemap on it’s own.

    I’ve searched this site thoroughly and attempted every suggestion that wasn’t too ridiculous: deactivated it, re-installed it with updated versions (including this one), unchecked all the notification services, rechecked them, but the dreaded message: “Your sitemap is being refreshed at the moment. Depending on your blog size this might take some time!” is still there. Any other ideas of what could be causing this?

    I’m having the same problem as this guy, i guess:

    I am still having the same issue as well. Does anyone know of a solution? I am on WP 2.7.


    Anyone? Please!

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