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  • The changelog indicates (and my experience confirms) that Google XML Sitemaps will be disabled when running WP 3.0 in multi site mode.

    Is this to be a permanent thing or will support for this be added in the future? If the latter, is there a possible timeframe for this?

    This is one of my favourite plugins and I’d hate not being able to use it on my multi site networks.

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  • Scott Winterroth


    I agree. With the release of WP3.O today, can we get any idea of what’s happening?

    It will definitely come, I just had no time to complete it in the last weeks…

    Scott Winterroth


    Super. We totally understand! Thanks!

    Is there anyway to re-enable it? I’ve been using the plugin on WPMU for quite awhile and it works, you just have to specify a unique name rather than the standard sitemap.xml.

    Here are instructions on how to modify the XML Sitemaps plugin and use it with WP 3.0 in multisite mode, including how to prevent it from detecting that multisite is enabled, until arne is able to release a new version of the plugin:

    big thanks for the instructions splinterthought!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    Referer URLs are so useful 🙂 You’re welcome.

    waiting for the update 🙁

    I am trying to use this plugin on my WordPress mu site and it is not working. I did a lot of research. If I just install a WP plugin in the regular plugins folder, I can use it just like any other regular single WP site. I activated it in the blog I wanted and I did not receive any error. I followed the instructions and did not see a new menu point called Sitemap under the Option.

    I also checked out the link from splinterthought, but I don’t have any errors to troubleshoot from if it’s not even showing up.

    Can someone please give me some advices? Thanks!

    cyau….are u using WMPU 2.9.2 and Sitemap Generator V3.2.4..??
    If yes,uninstalles it and then install the previous version,V3.2.3 manually…
    Click here to download that version…
    after install,please ignore the upgrade notification…
    It’s happened to me before…and after I do this,I found that the last xml update was about a month a go,end of may,although I set cron twice a day…..
    but now it’s fine…

    Just wait till fully support for 3.0 multi-site… =)

    Awesome plugin! Really first class. I too would appreciate a new version that works with WPMU 3.0! That would be fantastic.

    Thank you again for your hard work!

    Any news with multisite support ?

    Hi Arne – Any news on when we might expect this? I totally understand that this is a free plugin but I would like to donate to make this happen if that helps!

    If it’s going to be more than a couple of weeks then it would be good to know so I can look for an alternative.

    Hi Arne, I too would really like to use your plug-in with the multi-user version of WP 3.0. Would it speed things up if we made a donation for that purpose?

    I had this working before WP 3.0 and enabling multisite. Kinda wish I’d known that it wasn’t going to be multisite compatible, or I wouldn’t have enabled the network. Now other people have blogs at my site and I can’t go back!

    Anyway here’s how to update your sitemap.xml manually until the plugin becomes fully 3.0 compatible. Hopefully this will help those of you in my same predicament:
    1. Download the last file generated by the plugin, sitemap.xml from your root directory.
    2. Open with Notepad (in Windows)
    3. Copy the first url block of code where the URL links to your last blog post, such as Be sure to copy all lines between the two URL tags, including the loc, lastmod, changefreq, and priority code lines.
    4. Paste it just below your main URL location at the top of the list, meaning according to the example above.
    5. Copy the URL of your last blog post and replace the url in the copied loc line.
    6. Modify the lastmod line of code to match the date and time that your newest blog post was published.
    7. Save and overwrite the file on your server.
    8. Login to your Google account, Web Master Tools, click on the site and click on the sitemap.xml link.
    9. Below the last date submit, click “Resubmit.” Repeat this process for any other major search engine you desire.
    10. Painful yes, but you get used to it. At least this will keep your blog current in Google search results until the plugin is updated.

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