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  • In my search for the best sitemaps plugin I installed google xml sitemaps 4.0beta4. At first I wasn’t happy and disabled it but found the redirection for ‘sitemaps.xml’ was still happening and causing some greif. Once I re-enabled it and figured out how it was actually working I was happy with it. I still am.

    However I found that my next page (/category/blog/page/2) links are not working. I disable my plugins and they still are not working. I rebuild my permalinks and they are still not working. I have a feeling there are redirects within the database that I can not find under the options table no matter how are I look.

    So I dont have exact proof that sitemaps is doing this, but I was thinking this might be the best place inquire about the redirection since it was performing the redirection even after I removed the plugin and this happend after I went to 4.0beta4.

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  • Just to follow up – I found the issue.

    The settings under reading (posts per page) was set to “10”, and the setting in the theme for posts per page was set down to 6. When I sync’d them both to “7” then the pagination worked perfectly.

    Odd error that I really thought was more to do with redirection.

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