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  • Hello,

    Off and on (I think) in the last few weeks (maybe couple of months) our site’s new posts have been taking hours — sometimes days — before they’re indexed by Google’s regular search engine.

    Paradoxically, our images are indexed very fast (and usually get very good rankings) and our posts are indexed (and often get good rankings) on Google News in a matter of minutes. (We use another plugin to generate a Google News sitemap.)

    That’s also how it used to be with our sitemap. We’ve been using this plugin for quite some time and our new posts would show up on Google in a matter of minutes. But something has gone amiss and I’m not sure where the problem lies.

    Webmasters Tools says the XML sitemap is “ok.” The bot can read it. But if so, why has it stopped (or drastically) delayed listing the new posts? (Once again, apart from Google Images / Google News, which are working fine for us.)

    Our homepage, by the way, does get listed on Google regular search results when we look for certain recent posts. But the posts themselves don’t show up.

    Example: Last night, I did a Google search for “Tribeca 2012: Politics Nation.” Our post shows up on top as a news item. However, it’s *nowhere* to be found on the list of “regular” results — yet, the homepage is there, as it features the post’s title. So, Googlebot *is* crawling the site and indexing the homepage right away; but it’s taking much too long to index (crawl? find?) the actual posts.

    We have a Page Rank 6, we’ve been around since late ’04. We’re not a new site.

    Any ideas on what could be wrong? That would be much appreciated.

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  • You’re not the only one. This just happened to me yesterday and our site has been in Google News for over a year. It used to be immediately indexing in Google News and Regular Google Index, but yesterday afternoon it just halted.

    There seems to be a lot of people this happened too if you check out the webmaster tool forum, and even today I did a breaking entertainment news story and no index, even when I did the GoogleBot Fetch & index.

    It’s looking like it might be their new algorithm has some kinks. G has been doing a lot of changes hoping to kill off spam sites, but there’s going to be some collateral damage with site that actually are legitimate and post original content.

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