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    I’m currently working on a new version of the plugin which will have some major changes. To test this new features, I need your help. You can grab the new version here:

    Please note that it is in a very early stage and not suitable for production sites. Please also note that you have to delete your sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz after installation since they are not used anymore (but break the new plugin).

    What has changed:
    Dynamic sitemap generation
    There are no static files anymore. This will solve 99% of the problems users are having. All content is generated dynamically.

    Sitemap Index File
    To reduce the amount of needed CPU and memory, the sitemap is split into sub-sitemaps. The main sitemap file is now only a index file which links to them. With that change you can have an unlimited number of URLs as long as they are spread over multiple months.

    WordPress MU support
    Without having static files, MU and multi-site support is no problem anymore.

    New developer API
    With the new API, developers can build plugins which can create sub-sitemaps to support an unlimited number of items.


    • Install the plugin normally
    • Delete your existing sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz
    • Browse to if using rewrite permalinks, or index.php?xml_sitemap=index if not.

    At the moment, WordPress 3.0 and PHP 5.2 is the only tested configuration. Please let me know if you have problems with other setups.

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    I’ve just downloaded and extract to wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ but at dashboard – plugins i dont see it the plugin to activate it.

    Any Help? Thanks

    avagogo: Google is fine with you having multiple sitemaps. They even let you submit multiples to their Webmaster Tools.

    As for your other question, if you read through this thread Arne talks about WHY the plugin now uses multiple files.

    I tried using 4.0a4 and no urls would show up in the posts sitemap. I couldn’t find any info to help debug why.

    I would also like to make a suggestion to have an option to split the sitemaps at X number of urls (50,000 … 40,000 .. whatever you set).

    I have a site that I used csv importer to load up with posts and there are over 60,000 posts all listed under a single date. For me to submit this to google, this would have to be two sitemaps, not one for the whole month.

    It’s also easy for alot of people to go over this limit (50,000), when you use plugins such as transposh, which replicates links 60x due to the permalinks for each translated language.

    Many thanks for all your hard work, where can I send a donation?

    ihustleapps: There’s an option to donate on the plugin page.

    Is this ready for a production site?

    firefox gave me an error of interpretation of the sitemap .. perhaps caused by a blank space .. so I added the “ob_clean ();” in line 10 of “sitemap-builder.php” to correct the error.

    now works perfectly:)


    Did your fix and it worked. But I think there still need to be a limit per sitemap option. Some sitemaps are being rejected by google because they are too big. Others are being rejected because it’s taking too long to load.

    I’m trying this on about 10 of my sites. The smaller sites are passing with flying colors but the larger ones still have little issues. I am grateful though that at least it is partially accepted.

    BTW. Had to resubmit alot of them manually just to get google to update it’s results.

    I’ve installed the latest alpha release successfully, but it’s behaving the same as the other versions for me, where I have a problem with the sitemap generation if done any other way than manually.

    Even using the GET request doesn’t work. When I use that URL, it results in a blank page. When I go back to the XML Sitemaps settings, it reports the sitemap generation stopped after a little over 5000 entries (I have over 27000). If I click the “generate sitemap manually” link, it works perfectly. I’d LOVE at least the GET request to work, but it doesn’t.

    I’ll test whatever you want to get this working.

    I am using this plugin on a multisite installation.

    It is working fine at the following addresses:

    There are no custom post types in any of these.
    They are relatively small blogs (< 20 posts in all of them, I think.)

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you, Arne for your great plugin!

    I believe I’ve figured out my issue. If one builds manually — not using the GET request — it appears the script ignores any memory limitation settings. If you build automatically or via GET, it gets hit by memory limitations. Simply adding values into the memory usage limits and time limits fixed this.

    using 4.a4 (not network activated)on wp 3.0 multisite with the domain mapping plugin.

    Seems to be working well, however, sitemap urls list use the subdomain rather than the mapped domain.

    Is there anyway of having the option to change the domain url – as i think you could in previous versions??


    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold



    sorry for the late reply, I’m a lot on the way at the moment and didn’t have time to improve the plugin. I’ve committed a new version to the repository, please have a look if your problems are fixed now.

    Major change: The plugin is now PHP 5.1+ ONLY. I will not continue to support PHP4 on version 4+ of this plugin. If you activate it using PHP < 5.1 or WP < 2.8, you will only see a notification bar which recommends you to upgrade. PHP4 is really bad in memory handling and objects and supporting PHP4 will break some things with PHP 5.3.

    Custom post types are not ready yet, this will be the next feature. For now I want to get the rest of the plugin stable. Please let me know if there are still problems.

    Thank you very much for testing!!!

    @lordzarcon: What error did you see in Firefox? Does the new version fix this issue?

    @qreus76: Google says your sitemap is too big? With the new splitting, you would need more than 50.000 posts in one month to hit the limit?

    @gudlyf: Sure you updated to the new alpha version? There is no link to “generate sitemap manually” anymore. The sitemap is always generated on the fly.

    @bac: I didn’t try to domain mapper plugin yet, but the links are coming from the get_permalink function of WordPress, which the domain mapper plugin should modify… I will have a look…


    Yes, and I just updated to this version and, as you can see, the link to generate manually is still there:

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    gudlyf, that is strange. The links are definitely not there anymore in the new alpha versions. Looks like you have a new sitemap.php and so on, but the sitemap-ui.php file is still the same.

    Can you try to deactivate the plugin, delete the whole plugin folder and upload the new version again?

    @arnee — Found the issue. Sorry I didn’t check it sooner. I had to restart PHP-FPM, which had stored those files in memory. Once I did that, the new UI appeared.

    However, now I have a different issue. The smaller sites I have seem to generate the sitemap files just fine:

    The largest one does not, and I’m not sure where to debug it:

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