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  • Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold



    I’m currently working on a new version of the plugin which will have some major changes. To test this new features, I need your help. You can grab the new version here:

    Please note that it is in a very early stage and not suitable for production sites. Please also note that you have to delete your sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz after installation since they are not used anymore (but break the new plugin).

    What has changed:
    Dynamic sitemap generation
    There are no static files anymore. This will solve 99% of the problems users are having. All content is generated dynamically.

    Sitemap Index File
    To reduce the amount of needed CPU and memory, the sitemap is split into sub-sitemaps. The main sitemap file is now only a index file which links to them. With that change you can have an unlimited number of URLs as long as they are spread over multiple months.

    WordPress MU support
    Without having static files, MU and multi-site support is no problem anymore.

    New developer API
    With the new API, developers can build plugins which can create sub-sitemaps to support an unlimited number of items.


    • Install the plugin normally
    • Delete your existing sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz
    • Browse to if using rewrite permalinks, or index.php?xml_sitemap=index if not.

    At the moment, WordPress 3.0 and PHP 5.2 is the only tested configuration. Please let me know if you have problems with other setups.

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  • Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    Sorry, I forgot to mention that you have to rebuild your permalink structure in the WordPress Permalinks Option screen. This will happen automatically in a later release.


    How I Made the plugin Google-Sitemap-Generator to communicate

    Add Persian instrument made myself this plugin

    Fully compatible with new version 3.2.4

    Hi Arne – I can’t this on production, but can I test on a localhost?

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    sure 🙂

    I downloaded the new version, and manually uploaded it.

    It shows in the plugin list, but I get these errors:

    When I click on edit, I get a blank screen

    When I activate it, I get the following error

    Error 500 – Internal server error

    An internal server error has occured!
    Please try again later.

    Any ideas how to correct this?


    File at your disposal

    This file associations in many Persian language and was used to explain

    Download compatible with version 3.2.4

    Good luck

    hi arnee,

    thanks for the great contribution.. i just began to enable to multisite functions on wp and activated google sitemap plugin on 2 installation.

    the 1st one was fine.

    the 2nd one i got this when i click and try to view the sitemap.xml

    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 4 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

    and when i am in the plugin configuration page i will see this on the top –

    Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 42


    The ‘XML declaration’ error sounds like a pretty common problem with some plugins/themes. You need to have a look for whitespace (extra lines or spaces) outside of the PHP tags of your active plugins and your theme’s functions.php, as these all load when a sitemap is generated and will appear before the sitemap code (causing that error).

    I’m seeing that PHP notice too though.

    Scott Winterroth


    Super, Going to test it on WP3.0.1 MU with subdomains and mapped domains. Will report back.


    I installed plugin but link is not working. Permalinks structure is /%postname%.

    If I disable permalinks everything is working fine.


    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold



    I’ve fixed some bugs and improved the permalink handling. Please download and try it out. If the permalinks don’t work, deactivate and activate the plugin to re-register them.

    Thank you very much for your help!


    I had the same problem with permalinks but I have added few redirections in htaccess file and now is working.

    Thanks for excellent plugin 🙂


    I have tried to submit my sitemap.xml to Google manually through Google Webmaster Tools, but it didn’t work: Error message: “Sitemap is HTML Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.”

    Submission of sub-sitemaps (eg: sitemap-posts-2010-08.xml) also resulted with same error message.

    Version used: 4.0a2

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    @mmilan81: Any modification of the .htaccess shouldnt be needed. What exatcly did you change?

    @ip00: Thanks for the feedback, is the site online so I can have a look at the sitemap?

    @arnee: Yes it is, check out:

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