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  • Same problem to me. I can enable taxonomies in the setting page but they are not included in the sitemap.

    In my sitemap the taxonomies are listed but completely wrong. I have a taxonomy stores and the url generated is for example:, which produces a 404 error.

    So first the taxonomy is not defined, it should be minimum


    rewrite url is not uses, the correct url should be

    can use code provided in this thread for temporary fix.

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    It’s fixed in the new version 2.3.7 🙂

    The new version includes the categories with wrong URLs. I doesn’t show the right permalinks. Instead of:

    it writes:

    It’s not fixed.

    Custom taxonomies for custom post types still don’t work.

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold



    sorry, could you please try the new beta version?

    The old one is getting only bugfixes anymore until the new one is final.

    This beta version doesn’t generate a sitemap.xml file

    Hi, thanks. I just tried the beta.

    There isn’t a “rebuild sitemap” link, so all I did was remove the previous sitemap files and then save the plugin settings.

    When I loaded the debug link, it showed everything correctly (custom tax pages too).

    When I checked the sitemap url there was a sitemap there, filled with links to .xml files. When I followed those links, they each contained sitemaps for different sections of the site. Is this the intention?

    One of my post types (generated by “The Event Calendar” plugin) has 150 posts, and there are 150 links for it in the sitemap, the first of which has the first post, the 2nd of which has the first 2 posts, the 3rd of which has the first 3 posts etc. – ie. the first post is linked to 150 times in the sitemap, the second posts is linked to 149 times etc. and it looks like this will increase every time I save a post.

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    aljuk, thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide the URl to your sitemap so I can have a look? The sitemap is split up into sub sitemaps to save memory / cpu and to be more flexible.

    retroriff, there is no static file anymore, but it is generated dynamically under the same name (sitemap.xml). Do you receive an error there?

    Hi Arne, I’m testing the plugin pre-deployment on local dev mirrors, so no public URIs I’m afraid.

    The first site (as above) uses custom post types that I’ve generated myself in functions.php, plus a custom post type (‘events’) generated by the “The Events Calendar” plugin. It seems it’s only this post type which is throwing weirdness.

    (I conducted a second test on another site which also uses custom post types and taxonomies all of which I’ve generated myself. This appears to work fine.)

    So it seems that the issue I’m experiencing is a product of the way the “The Events Calendar” plugin is generating its ‘events’ post type. I realise that this may be due to a coding anomoly, but since people use different ways to define their post types, I guess it’s important it works for all?

    I’ve emailed you the relevant code (including the post_type definition) that appears to be causing me this issue, and some screenshots – to the email address on the contact page of your site.

    It's fixed in the new version 2.3.7 :-)

    I can confirm that its not fixed in 2.3.7

    Taxonomies are still generated wrong like

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    @aljuk, Your problem with the events plugin should be fixed in 4.0b9.

    @harry777: Please try the new beta version, I won’t add any features to the 3.x branch anymore.

    I have just installed V4.0 beta 10 (having user v3 previously). I was expecting to see an option relating to custom taxonomies – we use a few in the site, but there doesn’t appear to be one and they certainly aren’t included in the sitemap. The sitemap is

    I wrote a fix for this. It is just a few characters in 1 line of code.

    Read the changelog here:

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