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  • I am doing a bilingual site (which appears to escalate all the bugs and shortcommings). I have fixed most bugs and hacked the templates to make things work pretty smoothly. Nothing is broken, but a few things should work better.

    I am using qTranslate pluging to have English (deafult language) and Chinese language on my site.

    The Site Map Generator only creates the sitemap for the English half of the site, NOT for the Chinese.

    Any way I could force the Generator to do it? Or duplicate the map and only add the
    inside the paths???

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  • I could give you a link to the site.

    Thanks so much for your help. (Actually, the lack of help is only making me to learn more of PHP coding …….

    After thinking about the issue. I’d say the problem could be in the qTranslate plugin, which could be considered a good plugin only if it meets all of the modern site requirements, such as:

    • SEO compatible
    • searchable/idexable
    • should work even if javascript disabled (now the langauge switching is done via javascript, which …. Well this could be the best way of doing it, I suppose.
    • There should be some hooks to make the other plugins (search engines, robots, spiders, Google sitemap generators) to “get in” to the otherwise invisible text (being blocked by the lang tags).

    Well, is the WP 2.5 handling langauges better?

    hi all,

    I too am running a bilingual site and initially tried the qtranslate plugin but found it to be a little quirky. For example, I posted a photo gallery using a the shutter reloaded plugin. All of a sudden I was getting two copies of many of my posted photos. At that point I switched to WP Multilanguage and it worked just fine (my photo gallery).

    Now I’ve just added the Google Maps plugin and have found as you did that it isn’t aware that this is a bilingual site. It seems that this would be a good feature to add to Google Maps. As it is now, I have a site map but in only one language.

    If someone is a little more familiar with how Google Maps works, I could probably come up with a fix (i.e. to handle multiple languages) but need a little help getting pointed in the right direction.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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