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  • This sitemap would be great if it worked for me. I am running the Press75 On Demand Theme at, which uses the Simple Video Embedder Plug In to display videos and at this time I have over 160 video posts yet this plug in will only index 1 out of the 160 video/posts.

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  • Just a comment, but it really stinks when someone authors a plug in that does not work properly (others are saying the same thing I am) and then does not provide support or doesn’t reply to posts here.

    Have you identified the codes used in the post for that one specific plugin?

    The sitemap reads only the old youtube embed codes, I do not think it is modified to work with other 3rd party plugins.

    So if for example your plugin only requires the last portion of a youtube url and not the full old version ie. non-iframe youtube video embed code then it will not work. Bummer I know, but someone does need to take this to another level

    Thanks for the reply socialproilr. I am aware of the boundaries you have listed. All the videos on my site are not youtube but many are and of the many that are the plug in only recognized one out of about 50, or so. I think what is so irksome is that the developer has chosen not to respond in any manner? He could say, “Tough Luck” won’t work in your environment and that would be ok, but to be completely under the radar is just not acceptable.

    Yeah Amit is super busy as a blogger but at least a look over could give an insight into what is working or not in the plugin.

    It is a good plugin but falls shy of being great 🙁

    A few simple updates on the plugin homepage with instructions would suffice, oh well, good luck with it

    I’m super busy too and it doesn’t help (my busyness) to install a plug in, with the expectation of it working, find out that it does not, then spend more time that isn’t available in the first place trying to understand why it’s not working, contact the developer twice by email and then once through these forums and have all correspondence go into a black hole. Being busy is a non starter. Whose not busy these days?

    haha fair point indeed. definitely frustrating, not good enough that he created a killer plugin and now it is broken and fails to support it.

    If it gives you any solace the paid version $97 although worked with your own videos ad really bad support as well.

    I’m actually thinking to just have one developed just for my use and my specifications. It won’t be free, but it won’t be overpriced either or require an annual payment, but I know it will work at least.

    If you get that plugin developed, let me know, because I’m looking for something that works as well. This plugin…just won’t work.

    Plugin Author Amit Agarwal


    If the YouTube embed code is inside a WordPress post, my plugin should pick it easily.

    However if you using custom fields to embed YouTube videos, the plugin won’t work.

    I could support custom fields in future releases but the problem is that there is no ‘standard’ field name and hence how does a plugin figure out which field to choose for YouTube videos.


    Does it have to be a you tube video?

    Plugin Author Amit Agarwal


    Currently, the plugin only supports “embedded” YouTube videos.

    no matter how I “embed” the code the plugin is having trouble seeing it. I tried a test post and inserted a video with just the url and the when I went to create the site map the page returned click here to verify the site map and what came up was my web site. The plugin had captured the HTML.

    So then I tried embedding the code using the YOUTUBE Embed and the same thing happened.

    I decided I would try to submit the xml output to google anyway, after all you know more than me but of course google said I submitted HTML.

    What the heck is going on with this plug in. How are we supposed to embed the video… can anyone supply a step by step… I mean this is not Rocket Science but I have been fumbling with this for 20 HOURS!



    Can you please provide the code that will change the plugin from looking in the post for the embeded code to looking to a custom field? I can replace the name of my custom field by myself. Maybe you can include this information in your readme file for users to customize? I can’t use this plugin because of my theme. My theme uses a custom field for embeding videos.

    I think a lot of people would really appreciate it.

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