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  • Any reason why the image pager might not work?

    When the &page= is added manually nothing happens, unless I enclose the album title in ‘quotes’

    http:// ourlocality. org/demo/picasa/2/?album_id=5769101359140067009&albumName=%27Artisan%20Bread%20-%20The%20Bakery%20Dunbar%27&page=2

    Also, show_albums=’etc’ will not work either and spits out an empty grid

    <div id="nak-gpv" class="grid-container"><div class="grid">

    Any ideas?

    I notice others confused by the two different shortcodes: one for the placeholder page to show album images (but blank when viewed directly) and another to display albums … maybe this could be a tiny bit clearer for those of us that operate on autopilot.


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  • tiziana.troukens


    I have encountered the same problem, but I never get to the second page (or better: to any other page than the first).

    I tried enclosing the album title, like you said, in quotes, but that didn’t help – the link keeps being rewritten from

    Any ideas on how to fix this? It would be nice to be able to look past the first 9 images 🙂



    I was running into the same issue and came up with a solution that works for my albums.

    You’ll need to edit three lines of code in the class-PicasaAPI.php file. All three lines of code are in the get_pagination() function, specifically lines 427, 438, and 443 (these are the lines that generate the links for the previous, next, and page number buttons).

    Here’s the new lines of code:

    Line 427:
    $html[] = "<li><a href=\"?album_id=".$album_id."&albumName='".$album_name."'&page=".$previous."\">Previous</a></li>";

    Line 438:
    $html[] = "<a href=\"?album_id=".$album_id."&albumName='".$album_name."'&page=".$i."\">".$i."</a></li>\n";

    Line 443:
    $html[] = "<li><a href=\"?album_id=".$album_id."&albumName='".$album_name."'&page=".$next."\">Next</a></li>";

    Feel free to visit my photo website ( to see the buttons working correctly.



    Hi there,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your suggestion. It didn’t help me though – the links kept being rewritten (just like they were when I manually added the quotes in the URL).

    But: your suggestion showed me the lines of code I needed. I changed the ‘page’ parameter to ‘pagina’ (Dutch for page), along with the code in wp-google-picasa.php. Now it works. I guess that WordPress somehow somewhere decided to rewrite my url because of the “page=”-part.

    Anyhow, thanks a lot – now it works fine.



    That’s great, I’m glad you could get it to work out.

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