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  • Hi, I’m pretty new to WordPress and CSS and plugins and . . ., though I am not new to tech work. For instance, a Boolean search is nothing new, but only when it works, ya know?

    But if I put keywords in as the author has described the google search wants–double quotes around exact phrases, spaces between words that are all needed, and OR between words where any one of them is needed–the search fails.

    First, the keyword line won’t even acceptquotation marks. When I hit [SAVE] and look at the keyword line again, everything from the first quotation mark on is just gone.

    If I put in a string of OR’s, I get NO resulting news, meaning it doesn’t seem to get what “or” means.

    Also, the widget seems to be ignoring my local setting. I put in Florida, but this seems to have no effect. Is that the norm?

    And one other thing: the author says that Google ignores the keywords if there are both a topic and keywords. But he didn’t leave a blank line in his select drop-down for topic, so there is no way NOT to have a topic.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Again, I’m new to WP and CSS, so please be particularly specific with any coding suggestions. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Stef


    First thing first, Google News Just Better wont be maintained any longer but its functionalities have been taken over by RSS Just Better, my other plugin.

    To what concern double quotes and Florida local setting I will give a look (I will test it on my test site).

    The topic can now be empty. OR should work but needs to be capital. See Google News operators page here:

    And a new version is coming out soon (of RSS Just Better).

    Thanks for writing and your comments and sorry for my delay in replying.


    Plugin Author Stef


    So i tested the latest version of RSS just better (containing google news feeds) and I start with the “mea culpa”‘s.

    Yes Local did not work. Probably already for 6 months or more it’s just little used. Now it has been fixed.

    I understand it is not clear but the topic “Top Stories” is equivalent to a no topic by the feed url point of view. So if you enter keywords with Top Stories, these keywords will be taken into consideration. I will amend the documentation starting from next version so to make this clear.

    Instead, the double quotes and the OR (OR needs to be capital) do work even if the double quotes words are not showed up in the widget form, they are stored and used in google news feed. I need to find a fix for this.

    I hope it helps.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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