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  • I actually just installed this on 2.7 and it seems to be working fine.

    My options are set to not add pages and not to include tags. Hope that helps. Maybe the guy who made the plugin will chime in.

    Thanks, it works with WP 2.7.1. I hope, Google accept this google-news-sitemap.xml as a News Sitemap. Thanks for this work!

    I’m using MySQL 5 on a server and its not writing anything other than the header as below – I tried the code above but its the same.

    <urlset xmlns=""
    <!-- Last build time: March 23, 2009, 1:41 pm-->

    Anyone got any ideas?

    The plug-in works for me fine on 2.7, it would be better if you could build the sitemap for a category as all my news is in my news category.

    It works fine for me too on WP 2.7.1; but I am, as gaj, looking for a way to specify a category to look on. Is there anyone there a bit experienced to help us tweak that code to only look at posts within a certain category ?



    I really like this plugin, but I have to echo what someone else said: It doesn’t work for future-scheduled post. I tend to generate posts in bulk (5 or so at a time) and schedule them to post at 30-min/1hour intervals, and this plugin won’t regenerate the sitemaps.

    Anyone know how to fix this? I tried adding the following:

    add_action('publish_future_post', 'write_google_news_sitemap');
        add_action('private_to_published', 'write_google_news_sitemap');

    But those don’t help either.

    Thanks for all the feedback, I will be testing a revision of this plugin with all the new features requested and hopefully be releasing it soon.

    Revisions will include:

    • Future scheduled posts action
    • Category filtering
    • Updated control panel/instructions

    Let me know if I have missed something.


    Hi cjinks,

    Could you also please take into consideration recent changes in the News sitemap format (specifically news:publication_name and news:language). I think these are mandatory now.

    Very cool cjinks. Cant wait for the new release as the old one has been having some problems ever since 2.7. Looking forward to it.

    When is the new release going to be available?

    a <news:title> would be nice to.

    Can’t wait till the new release

    Hi all,

    The new release (v1.3) has been made available today.

    It has all the new additions as requested and the admin interface has been improved.

    Give it a go and let me know if you have any problems, only tested on latest (2.8.2) WordPress installation.

    Download Google News Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress


    hi chris,

    i just install your plugin and found some errors on admin page.
    line 319:
    $excludedCats = get_option(‘googlenewssitemap_excludeCat’);

    $excludedCats used in line 322 if (in_array($cat->cat_ID,$excludedCats)), it may generate warning errors if $excludedCats is not an array.

    for the time being i add one line after line 319, here is the complete codes:
    $excludedCats = get_option(‘googlenewssitemap_excludeCat’);
    if (!is_array($excludedCats)) $excludedCats= array();


    just another tough:

    maybe a link to force the update from admin area will be good addition for the next release.

    Hi randompage,

    Thanks for your input, this bug has now been fixed.


Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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