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  • Resolved sonia.


    I was very happy about all the new features but unfortunately the new version brought some new problems…
    The search function doesn’t work anymore. when I search for a town, address, etc, the map shows the home icon for the location required but it doesn’t return any of my listings. It used to work with the previous versions. At the moment I have it set to immediately show 40 listings and that works.
    Please help. I was hoping to start advertising my site next week….
    this is my url:
    Many thanks, Sonia

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  • Same issue here

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Patch coming… soon.

    Please provide your site URL when posting notices like this. I can look with Firefox/Firebug and track down 90% of the search/map issues. They are almost always JavaScript related.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    3.5.3 seems to have fixed the issue, patch is out now.

    Hey Guys –

    Ever since I updated to 3.5.3, another plugin called Event Manager Pro no longer loads its Google maps.

    I deactivated Store Locator Plus and the Event Manager Pro map loaded up.

    I didn’t have this problem before the 3.5.3 release, so where can I go to downgrade to the previous version 3.5?


    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    All prior releases are listed here on the WordPress site under the developer tab.

    3.6 is coming with a half-dozen patches to the JavaScript file. So far the several tests sites that had problems in the past are working. The update requires both a main PHP file and the csl.js file or I’d just send you the csl.js to try out.

    Cannot say for certain that other plugins with maps won’t conflict though. Google Maps API V3 is a lot more particular about maps and the div IDs they are loaded into.

    If anyone wants to try v3.6 before I finish testing this week you can ping me via the CSA contact form at The more sites version 3.6 can be tested on the better for everyone. Plus if you find a bug on YOUR site while testing a beta copy of 3.6 you will have one-on-one support for free to resolve the issue (support limited to 3.6 bug fixes only).

    Thanks for the info.

    Is there an easy way to downgrade to the 3.5.2 version for now, without losing any data? I downloaded the earlier plugin, but am hesitant to install it through WP plugins page and see what happens. Is that OK to do, or should I upload files through FTP? Thanks.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Data is always retained unless you ovwerote CSS files, stored custom icons in the main plugin directory (images/icons or core/images/icons), or stored custom language files in the main plugin directory (core/languages). To downgrade you need to deactivate, delete, then upload the zip file and activate.

    The location data will always be retained.

    The other method is to unzip locally and FTP up to the store-locator-le directory. The deactive/delete version provides a cleaner install.

    Thanks for the advice!

    Upgraded a few days ago and map’s working again 🙂

    I upgraded to the newest version, and a couple of things are not working…

    1. Even though I have it marked as ‘Remove Credit‘ it still shows it
    2. On the bottom of the map, a couple of lines of code / css are showing: class=’sl_footer’
    style=’display:none;’ >

    3. In the listing area, there is a {14} appearing in front of all the listings.

    The search isn’t working properly either. I tried downgrading to a previous version, but none of those issues go away. HELP PLEASE!!!

    Art Javid

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Art –

    I think I have a patch in 3.6.1 that will resolve this. I need an admin login to test with. Reach me at with that info.

    For some reason WordPress is now “texturizing” our shortcodes which changes ‘ to &#8217 and is wreaking havoc on the HTML that renders results, the map, and more.

    This is likely a plugin or theme that is being over-aggressive with language translation. A normal “clean” WordPress install does NOT texturize our shortcodes with ANY release of SLP including 3.6.

    – Lance

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Anyone that wishes to try 3.6.1 RC3 you can go to and “purchase” (it is free) Store Locator Plus. When you do this you will get a download link and/or can download from your account (login on bottom right) and get the latest 3.6.1 RC3 zip file.

    Login to WordPress, go to plugins, deactivate/delete/upload/activate the SLP plugin.

    This is a destructive update so be sure to backup your code files. Location and setting data is retained.

    – Div code rendering under map as text versus HTML.

    – Use Location Sensor prevent map from rendering if use does not share location.

    I updated to 3.6.1…

    The search function is working again, but several things are still problematic:

    1. I still have a bit of code showing under the map.
    2. The credit line and link to you guys doesn’t hide.
    3. Even though I set the zoom levels to 18 or 17 (close), the search results come in as world view
    4. The location sensor worked the first time, but subsequent visits to the website assumes I am in Kansas (vs. California)

    Please let me know if you received the credentials I emailed last night.


    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Art – did not get the login. Please re-send.

    Also – are you using a ThemeForest theme by any chance? It is looking like a possible bug in their theme engine that is not honoring the “do not texturize my shortcode” settings and is wreaking havoc in SLP3.6.

    If anyone that is having this issue can send me their Themeforest theme so I can test and possibly find a workaround that would help.

    Yes it is a ThemeForest design. but it was fine until about a week ago :/

    I am on your website now and sending you the contact form with my login now.


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