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  • I recommended this plugin to a client. We installed and it’s worked fine for a year. She loved it so much she purchased the pro version. Worked even better.

    About a month ago, the plugin stopped working. I trouble-shooted (troubleshot?) as best as I knew how. Nothing.

    I contacted the company – noticing now that support comes with a $50 price tag. I left queeries on the un-paid forums. Nothing.

    The client has contacted the company. She has not been responded to either.

    Then a new version pops up. We figure there must have been changes in 3.4.2 or in Google maps API and it took a bit of time for the company to modify and make an update.

    Happily we uploaded the new version. STILL doesn’t work.

    In fact, in admin, I selected new settings and the setting don’t save. When I selected “force javascript” the map worked until I refreshed.

    HAs anyone else had similar challenges with the software as welll as getting support. VERY frustrating.

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    As noted, we provide FREE support here on the forums. We also wrote back several times letting her know to post here for support. Simply saying “the plugin stopped working” is not enough information to go on. We asked several times for details and received no response.

    If the newer versions are not working you can always install a previous release by de-activating/uninstalling then installing any of the downloaded prior releases listed online here:

    I did speak with the client about not responding to your messages. She says she never received them. I told her we should go ahead and pay for support … but then realized that was a 3-day email response to a question. If support beyond that was needed it would be $250 for a 1 day login. She’s struggling to stay above water as it is.

    But, suddenly I see another new version come out so upgraded it and the plugin worked fine for me on Mac + Chrome on her pc + Explorer plus on mobile or any other browser accessing the website is impossible due to an error message “The Google Maps API server rejected your request. The “sensor” parameter specified in the request must be set to either “true” or “false”.”

    I de-activated the plugin so that people could use the site BUT the error message still remains.

    Firstly, should I DELETE the plugin? or should I re-initialize the GoogleMaps API?

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    @thealchemist – Does the theme selected happen to have some sort of maps feature? It seems like it because maps is being loaded from another source, NOT Store Locator Plus.

    Also, the map script and Google interface is very JavaScript reliant. If something, anything, that loads BEFORE Store Locator Plus crashes or breaks in any way the the SLP setup will break.

    You have the following corrupt and/or incorrectly loading scripts on that site:

    1) wp-slimstat.js has a syntax formatting issue in a CDATA block.

    2) contact-form.js is trying to use jQuery in “shorthand” mode (using $ instead of jQuery for function calls). It has not bee setup within their plugin to do so and break with a TypeError: $ is not a function message.

    3) TubePress is failing because it requires jQuery 1.6 or higher and your site is using jQuery 1.4.2

    4) Your theme “dwa” is loading about 2 dozen scripts INCLUDING jQuery.gmap.min.js. That can cause all kinds of erratic things to happen based purely on the random happenstance of which script is loaded first.

    You can try turning “Force Load JavaScript” on and run that, then try it off. It will change the order where Store Locator Plus is loaded. However we can only request a higher level in the loading stack. If 3 plugins (and the theme) ask for level 1 then WordPress decides based on which file is served up by the OS first in the load stack, usually alphabetical or date based.

    I suggest cleaning up the plugins, making sure you have the latest version and that everything is up-to-date and patched. I would also suggest accessing the site with Firefox and the Firebug plugin then peruse the console, script, and NET pages for error and warnings.

    Thank you for your in-depth response. Now I have something to look into and repair. Many of these things are beyond my skill level and her pocketbook … but … there ya go.

    Thanks again.

    I deactivated ALL plugins except Store Locator and switched the theme to 2011 … Still receiving the error message

    “The Google Maps API server rejected your request. The “sensor” parameter specified in the request must be set to either “true” or “false”.”

    THEN, after deactivating Store Locator Plus, the error message goes away and the site can be used.

    Now what?

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    Check you versions:

    SLP version 3.5.3

    Either: NO Google API key (under general settings)
    OR: Google Maps API version 2 disabled and Gooogle Maps API version 3 enabled at Google API console

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    Also, please provide the exact link to the locations page that has the SLP search/map.

    This morning upgraded SLP to 3.5.3

    The Google API was never touched since Google made changes to the map API (earlier this year?) and it seemed to be working fine until a few weeks ago.

    I had assumed something happened to the Google API.

    Unfortunately, the client is angry at me and not responding to me and the site now has the install screen so I can’t give you the link.

    We’ll see if she climbs down from the ledge.

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    Google changed something about a month ago that impacts the sensor setting. Some sites suddenly started seeing the sensor message, and that flag has been hard-coded into SLP ever since we moved to Google Maps API V3 back in June.

    First it was only impacting some European maps users, so we made a few minor tweaks to try to resolve the issue. For some installs the problem went away, for others it remained for a couple of weeks and went away which was odd as that sensor setting did not change in any of the 3.5 releases.

    I wish we could reproduce this and dig in deeper. Unless I can reproduce a problem every time a page renders it is nearly impossible to get to the bottom of it and provide a patch. This particular issue is not coming up on my dev box or any of the 3 production installations I test with on every release.

    Any problem that is impacting multiple users than I cannot reproduce on my systems is worth the time to debug “in the wild”. If you can provide a site with a page that consistently reproduces the problem that is a start. If you have an admin login send it via the contact form @

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