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    “NetworkError: 404 Not Found –

    Your icon image bags.png disappeared.

    Put custom icons in /wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/custom-icons/ if you want to ensure they are not overwritten on an update, ESPECIALLY if you select deactivate & delete to update your plugin.

    Thanks a bunch! One other thing I noticed:
    When I enter an address and search for locations, the map zooms out to the base level (which is the entire map). Is there a way to keep the map zoomed in on the locations that it finds?

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    Funny you should mentioned that…

    1) I patched a bug in JavaScript that was triggered by who-knows-what. Great, that solves a lot of people having “map not showing locations at load” issues.

    2) That patch caused more of the JavaScript code to execute as it was not “short-circuiting” on the error. Now the zoom is “working” again… BUT….

    “zoom working” is not right. The code left behind by the Cyber Sprocket rewrite is not quite right and is doing some bad things with zoom. I’m trying to wrangle that now for the 3.6 release.

    In 3.5.3 and back to 3.2 (most likely) it was doing this:

    If you have “immediately show locations” turned on (or a single result comes back from search):

    Set the center of the map to the center of your locations.

    Set the zoom to your “Zoom Level” setting in map settings LESS the “Zoom Adjustment” setting.

    So how does this work? First part is simple. Center map at the geographic center point for all your initial locations shown or returned by results. Then zoom in/out to “Zoom Level” – “Zoom Adjust”. So if you have, let’s say, “4” and “4” as the 2 settings the map zooms out to 0… which is “view from Mars”…. way out.

    For Google Maps zoom is basically..
    0 = far way, 20 = ant hill view.
    Anything else is somewhere between those 2 levels.

    The way it used to work (in my mind at least) and that I’d like to get back to:

    Use “Zoom Level” only for the STARTING MAP.

    That means if you have Pro Pack and “center map at” it will center the map as prescribe then zoom to your selected level. No Pro Pack will center on the country selected for your map default.

    In either case if you opt to turn on “immediately show locations” it will center the map in the middle of the locations that come up on the initial load. It then zooms to the selected level.

    So, zoom level = initial map zoom. Center = your locations if immediately show locations is on, your “center address” if you set one, and “the country” if not.

    “Zoom Adjustment” is for search results.

    Search will always center on the results that came back.

    Zoom level will always zoom to the “bounding box” (Google figures this out for us) so all the results markers can be shown.

    This automatic “Google zoom bounding box” will then be “tweaked” with Zoom Adjustment by subtracting the number you set from the Google result. Basically saying “get this much further away”.

    After a search if the adjustment is 0 we just leave it as Google set it, around the pins. This is too tight for some people so set it to something like 2 and we “back up a few steps”, basically zooming out “2 levels” from what Google thinks is appropriate.

    Sorry for the long response, but I wanted to explain how it works now and how it SHOULD WORK as far as my design concept. Hopefully I will have this resolve in 3.6 so I can resume testing tonight & release tomorrow.

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    How zoom will work in 3.6 with the patches, should match “legacy mode” of prior SLP versions:

    Thank you for the amazing plug in.
    I am a pro member and am having issues with getting the map icons to show in store locator.

    The issue appear to lie because I have reconfigured wordpress and renamed the “wp-content” folder to “media.” I have no issues with any of the other plugins or wordpress.

    Please help.

    Because I am unable to resolve the pointer issue with the store locator plug in, I have made a temporary wp-content folder only for the icons. This way it seems like its working on the front end, but I would like to have this correctly resolved.

    My site is


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    @awsroka – Try 3.8.6 and make sure your custom icons (if any) end up in either ./wp-content/uploads/slp/saved-icons or ./wp-content/plugins/store-locator-le/images/icons. Those are the only 2 locations scanned by the new icon selector in 3.8.6.

    Thank you for the information BUT my directories are ./media/uploads/slp/saved-icons and ./media/plugins/store-locator-le/images/icons. I am not using “wp-content” as a directory and store-locator is having issues utilizing the existing icons. I don’t need any custom icons.

    Can you help?

    I made a temporary path using ./wp-content/… just for the icons to work.

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    SLP will look for icons in ./images/icons under the directory in which the plugin has been installed.

    The second location that will be searched will be in a ./slp/saved-icons sub-directory under the WordPress configured uploads directory.

    Both those values are looked up from the WordPress install at runtime. If you’ve done something different or non-standard you will need to create your own plugin using one of the hooks & filters to add your custom icon directory to the searched directories list.

    The issue that I’m experiencing is that the images will appear in the settings menu ./media/… and I can select them, but as soon as I press “save” the directory changes to ./wp-content/ for some reason and the link is broken.

    It appears to be an issue with with store-locator. I have 10 other plugins running and dont have an issue with them.

    Please help.

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    Make sure you use a fully qualified URL if you are using a custom icon location. Relative URLs (/media/blah.png) will have the http:// fully qualified URL created automatically by pre-pending the URL to the SLP directory.

    My sincere thanks for the plugin update! It fixed this issue!

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