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  • I am a complete wordpress beginner. You’ve been warned.

    I can’t get the map to display on the search page. The search form does display, so I tried putting in a zip code and hitting search. When I hit the search button, it brings up the home page.

    I’ve redone the Google API, tried it with 2 and 3 both on, off, one of each, etc. I don’t know if this is some sort of conflict with the theme or if I’ve just messed up something obvious. Please tell me what to do to make it work.

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  • Also, need to know if multiple locations can be uploaded at once via excel, csv, etc?

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    Pro pack will allow multiple uploads.

    With 3.5.1 try going to Map Settings and turning on/off Force Load JavaScript.

    I also have a patch coming in for 3.5.2 that fixes some odd quirk in JavaScript on some sites that causes a “a is null” error and prevents the map from loading. We are testing the patch now and should have it out within 24 hours if all goes well.

    Sorry, forgot to mention I’ve turned the force load javascript on and off with no luck. I’ll check back for the patch.

    Hi there – I upgraded, but it is still not working for me. The map loaded once in Chrome, but the search function didn’t do anything. After that one time, it was back to the map not loading on any browser. I rebooted the computer, cleared cache, did the force load javascript on and off, tried multiple browsers, generated a new API key. Also tried it from the Iphone via the cellular network in case it was some weird IP issue.

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    URL to your Store Locator Plus page?!/?page_id=88

    That’s not where it will be long term; this is just a test page. But it will the same theme.

    Also, assuming this will work with my page, is it possible to send you a graphic for a custom icon for map locations to use on our site? We will be upgrading to the pro pack and all that.

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    I am not seeing any script errors, but I am seeing this URL is getting a 301 Moved Permanently notice which can cause some odd side effects.
    301 Moved Permanently 465ms

    90s+ later and the page is still no loading. Oddly it is re-directing to the same URL as above.

    Well that’s bizarre. I certainly haven’t implemented any 301 redirects, and I’m not seeing that. Oddly enough, when I clicked on your link, it showed the map again (though still wouldn’t search it). Let me try deleting that page and putting the plugin on a different page. Is it possible that’s something inherent in the theme itself? (Remember, I’m brand new to wordpress, so type slow so I can follow along…)

    Ok, tried new page. Are you getting a 301 redirect here:!/?page_id=153

    I have other URL’s with other hosts that I can play with. Could this be a host error? Are you seeing it for the entire domain?

    Ok, I think I found the redirect issue – seemed to be a default setting. That should be corrected now (I hope). Map is still not working for me though.

    Doh, I just realized it might take some time for that change to take effect. I’ll try back this afternoon.

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