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  • Hi,
    we have implemented Storelocator Pro Pack and everything works well. But we found one problem, we can’t solve and we have posted last week this error already on facebook. Now we found the problem.

    Whenever we access the website’s plugin with a regular adsl internet access, the plugin works well.
    But we in Germany do use quite a lot 3G mobile network from vodafone and other carriers. And whenever we are online via 3G online networks, we get an API error, when using Storelocator:

    Your request has been rejected by the Google Maps API server. The value specified in the request “sensor” parameter must be either “true” or “false”.

    We found out following:
    The parameter doesn’t impact the results. It’s a parameter that Google is required to collect for Google’s data providers who charge differently based on whether the request uses a sensor or not.

    check out here: here

    The use of sensor has been described by Google here here:

    Unfortunately we couldn’t find any information in the plugin’s documentation about the sensor. Currently it is not working. Not even on the storelocator’s demo site, whenever we use a mobile device.

    What can we do?


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  • Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    With the Pro Pack there is an option to turn the location sensor on or off. It is off by default in the base product.

    The flag is being passed which means the error is not related to the sensor flag missing. There have been multiple reports of Google in Europe having an unpatched maps server that is not handling the sensor flag properly. A few times in the past week all Google Maps plugins using API version 3 with the sensor flag were throwing errors that magically went away.

    You way want to track the Google Maps forums for the latest discussions about the issue.

    Thanks for the fast response.

    We have turned the sensor in the settings on and off. No change of the behaviour. Deactivated and activated plugin. No change.

    It only happens on mobile devices with cell phone carriers. Whenever we use standard dsl-connection from home or office, everything works fine.

    So is the unpatched google maps server responsible for these mobile devices?

    Is there any workaround, as we now get this error on every page of the wordpress installation, not just on the page, where the “SLPLUS” code is integrated?

    Ok. And here quick another strange behaviour.
    We connected our mobile devices (Iphone 4 and Ipad 1) via VPN to locations in Germany and the US. The plugin worked fine. We disconnected the VPN-connection but did not a refresh of the page, where the “SLPLUS” code is integrated. Now we were still able to do any search. The plugin worked well. As soon as we refreshed the single page in browser, the error described in the first post came up again.
    Is this really an error in google’s data center? Is there only an API sensor check first time I enter the page? Why can I still continue searching until I do a refresh….
    Is there no chance to stop this sensor check in the php-script? For us it would be fine so far to see the google map of Europe as startup. Location check is not really necessary, as long as the plugin can be used with mobile devices.
    Thanks a lot.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    If you are getting the error on every page then you are running in “early loading” mode for SLP.

    If you have the Pro Pack you can turn off “Force JavaScript Loading” in the Pro Pack section of “General Settings”. That will prevent the SLP (and Google Maps) code from loading on every page. However, not all themes work properly with “late loading” (you can read all about this stuff in our blog pages at

    As for the sensor issues I will re-check the codebase, but I’m fairly certain the sensor parameter is passed on every call to Google. Other than sending the parameter with an on/off value there is not really any control over the process from our end.

    we appreciate really very much your support!

    Well, we are now testing with 3 of 4 mobile network carriers in Germany. All of them show the same error result as described. As soon as we are not using a 3G connection, but the same device (Ipad, Iphone via WiFi) everything works well.

    We have turned off “Force JavaScript Loading” – no change. Same error. We have deactivated all plugins and changed to WordPress standard theme “Twenty Ten”. Same error: every website comes up with the error: Your request has been rejected by the Google Maps API server…

    When we deactivate Store Locator – evreything works well.
    We did a clean wordpress install. A fresh install of Store Locator v. 3.3 and upgraded our website’s plugin. Same results!

    Our conclusion:
    The error comes from the Store Locator Plugin!

    1. Error in Google Maps data center
    2. wrong coding with parameters sent to Google
    3. 3G network restrictions (we have tested every Google Maps application with every possible transmittable data – applications from a huge basis of websites tested and no errors): so it is in conjunction with 3G mobile network carriers, but obviously no restrictions apply from the network bearers.

    We use Apple devices for 3G testing. Is it possible, that Googlee Maps is requesting extra data from these devices as they have GPS, compass and other stuff built in? We have no idea about the sensor data being transmitted…

    Everything works really so fine, but with mobile devices the website is not longer accessible thru the Store Locator plugin.

    Maybe you can find something wihin the code.

    We will open support cases with the network bearers on Monday to check, if any data is blocked by them.

    Thanks and best regards from Germany!

    Ok once again:

    We found in the sourcescript this alert message from Google:

    Your request has been rejected by the Google Maps API server. The request to be specified \ x22sensor \ x22 parameter must either \ x22true \ x22 or \ x22false \ x22.

    Maybe this helps you to locate our error.

    Hi, we are still searching for the sensor issue. All mobile providers in Germany told us, that they do not interfere with the internet-traffic, apart from bandwidth, which cannot cause the error. I have copied the html-source code with the error (just the one line with the error). Maybe you can check and see if this error may result from the template? Not sure, if I have copied enough code? I can send you the HTML-Source-File by email.

    else g.fillStyle=style.get(‘color’);renderText();return wrapper;};})());</script> <script type=’text/javascript’ style=”display:none”>alert(“Ihre Anfrage wurde vom Google Maps-API-Server abgelehnt. Der in der Anfrage angegebene \x22sensor\x22-Parameter muss entweder \x22true\x22 oder \x22false\x22 sein.”)</script> <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script> <link rel=”EditURI” type=”application/rsd+xml” title=”RSD” href=”” /><link rel=”wlwmanifest” type=”application/wlwmanifest+xml” href=”” /><meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 3.4.2″ /><script type=”text/javascript”>var icl_lang = ‘de’;var icl_home = ‘’;</script> <script type=”text/javascript” style=”display:none”>function addLoadEvent(func){var oldonload=window.onload;if(typeof window.onload!=’function’){window.onload=func;}else{window.onload=function(){if(oldonload){oldonload();}

    Translated error message:
    Your request has been rejected by the Google Maps API server. The request to be specified \ x22sensor \ x22 parameter must either \ x22true \ x22 or \ x22false \ x22.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    In v3.4, A minor change has been made in /include/storelocatorplus-actions_class.php to prepare the Google URL string slightly differently. It should not make any difference whatsoever, but maybe it behaves differently with the .de TLD servers.

    The Google URL is aroudn line 353 in that file and reads something like this:

    While doing the system updates when rendering the map we do use the Location Sensor API calls to turn the sensor on/off in real time as needed, but that is 100% driven using built-in Google API calls and only to set the starting search location. Maybe we need to look at that closer. Try turning OFF use location sensor if you are using the Pro Pack and let me know what happens.

    No change whether the location sensor is on or off – we use the Pro Pack.

    I have tried several manipulations of the Google URL – always unsucessful – but not really sure, what I was doing.

    We have to wait for v3.4 to see, if anything will change

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    3.4 was released this morning. I will keep plugging away at this, but it is hard to debug when I can’t reproduce the problem.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    BTW, if anyone wants to send airline tix from CHS to anywhere in Germany and give me a place to stay for a week or two, I’m sure I can figure it out. 🙂

    Well, our office is llocated close to Munich’s famouc octoberfest. You have time up to the weekend….. 🙂 I should better send you some german beer.

    seriously: we are facing the same problem with mobile networks in france now.

    Is there any possibilty to take the code from php script away, that causes the error, whenever we load a single page? For now we have better the website running than the sensor problem and an error on every pave. As long we don’t do a refresh, the plugin works perfectly (after once connecting by VPN to a non mobile network).

    well, with 3.4 the problem still exists. maybe we
    is there any change to kill the script-parts, that starts on every wordpress page? as soon, as this script does not start, everything is fine. location sensor is disabled.

    maybe you should consider flying to Germany 🙂
    or we’ll try remote access to a pc, that is connected to a mobile network to debug the problem.

    We really wonder, that noone else is reporting this issue. We wouldn’t have tested on a mobile network, if we wouldn’t have started to develop a template for mobile access, too. Maybe everybody should test this issue only from their mobile phones (not connected via WiFi, use 3G connection).

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