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  • I’m getting a ‘failed to geocode: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT”. I have turned on google Maps API v2 and v3, tried each one seperately, and added my site to the list of referrers. Nothing works. Additionally, if this bug is persistent, then you really should give the customers of your free version the ability to add the geolocation themselves. This is a great plugin that I otherwise can’t use.

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  • Turn off API V2.

    Set your retry limit in our main settings page to 3.

    I got the same error today. I was able to add 2address last week. But today its not letting me add new address.

    This error “Address 2815A Main Street , Dallas, Texas 75226 failed to geocode. Received status OVER_QUERY_LIMIT.”

    Look at the image.

    Please let me know how to fix this issue.

    Thank you!

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    Hello. I’ve been using this plugin successfully for several weeks….until today. I’ve successfully bulk-uploaded a CSV file with around 1000 locations. I successfully did this a few weeks back…and even did it successfully today 3 times…now alI I am getting is this “over query limit error” on both bulk upload, AND on adding single entries. I’ve generated a new API key…and even “enabled billing” to allow for 250,000 queries. I go to quotas…and it is sitting at 0% used…it’s like it isn’t even trying. Thoughts?

    Thank you in advance…I really do like the plugin! 🙂



    I did try disabling API v2. It worked for a few days but then stopped suddenly with the same error as before.

    Also having this problem – when I add a new location it is not populating the latitude or longitude fields, and presenting me with the error – failed to geocode. Received status OVER_QUERY_LIMIT.

    I have increased the retries limit to 3, and don’t believe I have API v2 turned on (could someone explain how I check this?)

    Please help!

    @InSightskiin – You need to log into your Google API console and check your settings. There is info in our Wiki ( on how to set your Google API for V3. V2 is in the same place.

    @bradnpx – Obviously something changed if it worked for a few days. What else did you change on the site? Or at Google? If you changed something as simple as the host name, base URL, or something similar that puts your domain out of sync with what you registered at Google you can have issues like this.

    I agree something must have happened with how Storelocatorplus interacts with GoogleAPI v3. I have been using this product without issues for several months and just in the past two weeks something changed and now I cannot add records.
    Earlier in this month I was uploading several hundred records per day and on some days had issues and got overlimit error on other days I did not. When this first occurred it was not an issue, I would just come back a few hours later, selected the un-coded records and re-code without issues.
    Then it seemed to change and about two weeks ago it hit the wall and now 100% of the time I get the overlimit error. If I try to recode a single record I get overlimit. If I try to recode a group of records I get overlimt. Each morning I try the same requests and get the same overlimit error.
    I think StoreLocatorPlus is a great product that fits my needs perfectly but I am frustrated that a change occurred in the past few weeks which hobbled the ability to add records.
    I have gone to google and obtained a fresh API number and am running version 3. Still get error. I have also changed retry limit and no help their either.

    Is there some type of monthly limit in addition to the daily limit? Do I just need to wait two more weeks and Google API will let me back in? I am quite confident I never breach 2,500 per day so am not sure how I could have triggered the goolge limit on my own.

    I really appreciate any advice and help so I can get this otherwise great plugin working again.





    Here is the sceenshot again. Please respond!

    don schilling


    I also still have the same error message and am not able geo-code any additional records. I have tried resetting my API, running without and API number and still get same error. Really would appreciate some help getting this otherwise great plugin working. Thanks

    don schilling


    Still having issues with over limit. As a work around, is it possible to modify the CSV upload file format so we can upload our own Latitude and Longitude and avoid the google geo-code limit?

    Cyber Sprocket Labs


    The way that geocoding works has NOT changed in recent release.

    Google, however, has clamped down on their API calls and is now much more stringent on calls that go over limit. If you are having limit issues then you likely need to add your credit card info on the Google API system so you can make more requests, ESPECIALLY if you are using the “center map on users location” as that requires an API call every time someone visit the locations page.

    @trouble – we respond to forum posts about once/week. If you need a faster response we do have paid support options available.



    Thought I’d follow up… I waited 24 hours and found that my issue went away. I was banging the connection too hard I guess. Now she works like a charm! LOVE the plugin by the way! Thanks guys!



    @don I tried that, unfortunately it didn’t get me anywhere…there isn’t a channel to get those into the database…although I didn’t try to access via something like phpMyAdmin.

    don schilling


    Appreciate the response. I have seen several other users mentioning how the over limit issue has become an issue in the past month and in every instance the records count has been well below the google limits suggesting there is no need to purchase capacity from google. I am not using the “center map” feature and am well below the limits, so I am not sure why the error limits have recently become and issue when one month ago they were not.

    I think this is a great product and really hope there is a way to find a work around. Really appreciate your help. Thanks

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