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  • HI,
    I have just updated the store locator le plugin and my custom css is deleted. In general settings my custom css is still selected, but since it’s not on the server anymore, the default.css is used. After uploading the custom css to the server, everything is fine, but I thing the custom css should stay on the server and not be deleted on an update.
    (have also purchased the pro-pack)

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    Did you create a new CSS file? Name differently than the pre-existing files? If you simply changed stuff and kept the name the same then it will be overwritten on an upgrade.

    Instructions are online in the documentation.

    Yes I created a new css file, with a custom name. Luckely I had that file locally so I could upload it again. But after the update is was gone.
    BTW do you also know how to create a custom template besides the custom css-file?

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    What do you mean by “custom template”?

    BTW, with version 3.3 we are adding hooks & filters to the base SLP plugin. This will facilitate the creation of custom plugins that work directly with the SLP engine. We are using it to build some new premium add-on packs including Enhanced Search Form and Enhanced Results that will provide simple on/off and pulldown selections to control both UI elements.

    I want a different layout of the store locator page. For example. I want to get rid of the “find locations” button and want the use just text in stead of image (the site is multilingual, so I need to change the text per language) so I can style it by css.
    Further I want to make a custom page template for the store pages. The designer of the website want some of the data of the store placed in the sidebar and some in the contentfield. So I also want to make a custom template for the store pages. I have looked through almost all the files of the plugin to see if I could find the file where the output of the store page is generated, but couldn’t find it yet.

    Hope you can help me out there


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    We are working on a custom store templates release, which we hope to have out by end of October. There are special action hooks and filters being added to version 3.3 along with an Enhanced Results and Enhanced Search plugin coming with that release as well.

    Will there be an option to update the content of a store-page when you have updated the data in “manage locations?” What I feel now is that the store page is generated and on its own after that. When you change the data in Manage Locations, it won’t be changed on the store page.

    And will there be an option to put different kind of output in a div, so you can style and place it like you want. WIth address information in div 1 and description in div 2 etc..
    I’m really looking forward for this custom store page templates. I need to give the store pages a custom layout.

    Adding to my wishlist: more images: All the shops I have to add have their own logo and we want to add a store picture.
    Or at least the option to add extra fields to the store page.

    Is there a way to change the slug for store pages. I like to have another word in the breadcrumbs in stead of store page.

    Sorry, one other question… when I fill in the openinghoures in the location manager, why are they not shown on the store page?

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