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  • So we are using the field box for users to just enter in a city, state or zipcode. Our locations are only in the US. However, when a user enters in just the city some locations dont show they just default to a whole new country.

    Is there a way to make the search only focus on US locations and only the stores in the locations part of the site? So when somebody types in a city it will actually show that location with the state or zipcode entered?

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    I have my default set to 10,000 miles and still no luck.

    It is pulling a town in New Zeland. Which is not even in my locations. So how can I make this where it would only search on my locations?

    It is probably worth mentioning that I am using an older version. I had to do this so the plugin would work with IE7 and IE8. It was not working at all on those browsers. I found that this version did work


    Unless the newest version is now compatible with IE 7 and IE8

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    There have been dozens of search related and zoom related bugs fixed since that release. It is also using a completely different version of the search code.

    Sorry, but I can’t really help with that. What I can help with is trying to figure out why IE8 is giving you problems. IE7 and IE6 will no longer be supported. I only test the latest version of a browser and, in some cases, the previous version (though for Firefox and Chrome that is now a moot point).

    If you are running SLP version 3.5.3 or higher and provide a URL to the Store Locator Plus page on your site I can test IE8 and try to squash those bugs.

    Is there a place I can read up on what has been fixed since version 3.2? I think that is what they had before so maybe all is better in the newest.

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    Ok so I was trying the newest version and I still see the same issue.

    I have a store location in Pasadena tx. But if I search on just Pasadena it shows Pasadena CA where I dont have any stores.

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    URL to your locator?

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    Also make sure your default radius is big enough to find other stores otherwise it will only show the “home address” + “nothing” which means you will only see your home icon pin.

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    This may help clarify how it works as well as the link provided previously:

    Here is the one on the live site

    If you search using Pasadena tx
    Then it show Pasadena location

    But if you search just on Pasadena
    It will pull Pasadena CA.

    My radius Options are


    So it is strange some locations that you search on just city it will pull a random location that does not even have a store. Is it required to have state with the search when the user inputs?

    Thanks again for your help on this.

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    I just tried that locator and it looks like it is working normally.

    1) Entering Pasadena

    The address “Pasadena” is sent to Google. They decide what Pasadena means and translates it to a lat/long. Pasadena CA is likely the most popular result and thus that is what they decide you meant.

    The home pin then drops on the goegraphic center of Pasadena, CA. This is the correct behavior.

    The locations of your stores within 10,000 miles of Pasadena CA are returned. This is also correct.

    The map then renders with a big enough bounding box to show Pasadena CA (the home pin) and the locations that were returned. It then uses your zoom adjust to zoom a little further out.

    This is all normal.

    2) I put in TX

    The map puts a home pin in the center of Texas. It shows all the locations and zooms in showing primary the state of TX.

    I’m not sure what you are expecting but it looks perfectly normal to me based on how the product is designed. If you can explain how you think it should behave it may make for some new features in later releases. Keep in mind that search will remain “radius-centric” for the next few months at least, possible forever depending which features the user base wants more. Territorial (i.e. show only stores in state X) results have been mentioned but are lower on the priority list than several other items.

    – LC

    I was expecting that when the user put in Pasadena it would pull the location that I have listed not what google thinks is correct. So this is not pulling correctly. I thought that this plugin would pull the listings that I entered first. But it does not do that so if I have location in a city called Pasadena it should pull that first instead of just dropping the pin in California where I dont even have any locations.

    So to get around this would it be possible to make City and State Required or zipcode?

    So the user can search by zipcode or City/State. Not just city and not just state?

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