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[Bug+fix] has_cap error showing in debug mode (2 posts)

  1. jrf
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Deanna,

    Still love the plugin, though it would be great if you would release a minor version upgrade with the PHP < 5.1 fix and the following fix:

    File options.php, line 4:
    add_options_page('Google Maps Embed Options', 'Google Maps', 8, 'cets_embedGmaps_options', 'cets_embedGmaps_options');

    Change the line to the below to fix the problem:
    add_options_page('Google Maps Embed Options', 'Google Maps', 'manage_options', 'cets_embedGmaps_options', 'cets_embedGmaps_options');

    Hope this helps!



  2. jrf
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Oops.. found yet some more small bugs. Please find the fixes below:

    File shortcodes.php:

    Line 37:
    $src = str_replace("'", "\\'", clean_url($src));
    change to:
    $src = str_replace("'", "\\'", esc_url($src));

    File cets_EmbedGmaps.php:

    Line 91:
    wp_enqueue_style( 'cets-jquery-ui', plugins_url('/google-maps-embed/lib/jquery-ui/cets-jquery-ui.css'), array(), $this->version, 'screen' );
    change this to:
    wp_enqueue_style( 'cets-jquery-ui', plugins_url('/google-maps-embed/lib/jquery-ui/cets-jquery-ui.css'), array(), cets_EmbedGmaps_VERSION, 'screen' );

    Line 127:
    $buttonhtml = $datajs = '';
    change to:
    $buttonshtml = $datajs = '';

    Find line 353:
    function EditorCSS() {
    and add the following line directly BELOW it:
    global $user_id;

    And for the following lines, the js_escape() has to be changed to either esc_js() or $this->js_escape(). And for some, you probably want to add the __() function as well....
    Not sure whether you directly called js_escape on purpose previously, so I'll leave it up to you to decided what it should be.
    Line 136:
    $datajs .= ' example: "' . js_escape( $strings[3] ) . '"';
    Line 175 (2x):
    var buttons = { "<?php echo js_escape('Okay', 'cets_EmbedGmaps'); ?>": cets_GEButtonOkay, "<?php echo js_escape('Cancel', 'cets_EmbedGmaps'); ?>": cets_GEDialogClose };
    Line 186:
    jQuery("#cets_GE-dialog-message").html("<p>" + cets_GEData[tag]["instructions"] + "</p><p><strong><?php echo js_escape( __('Example:', 'cets_EmbedGmaps') ); ?></strong></p><p><code>" + cets_GEData[tag]["example"] + "</code></p>");
    Line 190:
    if ( "<?php echo js_escape('Okay', 'cets_EmbedGmaps'); ?>" == jQuery(this).html() ) jQuery(this).addClass("button-highlighted");

    Hope this helps!


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