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  • How about now? 🙂 Thanks for pointing that update out to me.

    Nice! Really nice!
    It was already a very useful plugin but it suddenly became even more impressive.
    Thanks a lot for the prompt and useful update.!

    i know i can load a zip file as a theme . will it accept rar files?

    Yes, if you add rar to the list of Upload file types. In MultiSite, it’s in /network/settings.php. Seems like these settings don’t exist in single site (maybe all filetypes are allowed?).

    Sorry Im new to this. what i am saying is i want to add a new template or plugin to wordpress i know i can upload .zip (it says.. file must be in zip format) .. if i have a .rar maybe it wont recognize it..
    PS another question… if u have a template and you want to HIDE what u see on the screen….like the archive or category box. how do u do that thank you so much i appreciate your help

    Interesting questions but you’d have better luck posting them in a forum about themes. This is a thread about the Google Doc Embedder plugin.

    For the first one, my guess is that WP only allows .zip files. As far as I can tell, all themes and plugins come as .zip files and I don’t think the expansion function works with other compression formats.

    As for the second, I’m not sure what you mean. You can tweak themes, but it might get a little bit involved at first. For one thing, you could create a special version of a theme you want to use (by creating a child theme) and replace some things in styles.css with display: none. There are other ways to do it, but that’s probably the easiest.
    Again, nothing to do with GDE.
    My personal advice would be to use Justin Tadlock’s “Theme Hybrid” themes. In my case, it’s been the best way to learn how to tweak themes (after a year trying other approaches).

    wow!! THANKS…
    1. Sorry didnt know i was in wrong place.
    2. CHILD THEME?? so is that sort of a version of the original one before you change it?
    3. will look into the Theme Hybrid book.. thanks!!
    4: display: none… you mean find where the archive is showing and code that in???

    ps.. this is what I am working on

    PPS. do you know a good plug in that does like a slide show….

    2. Actually, it’s a tiny subset of the “parent theme”. It can be as simple as a single styles.css file, inheriting CSS from the parent theme but allowing you to tweak the theme’s appearance. A tutorial might help.
    3. Actually, Theme Hybrid is a theme framework and a “community”. They’re premium themes so you pay for support, but I think it’s well worth the price (30USD). I found it easy to learn theme development through Hybrid themes and then asking questions in those forums. For a book, I’d recommend “Digging Into WordPress”.
    4. In a child theme, you can change the CSS. So, if you’ve uploaded and installed a theme and there’s some part of the page you want to hide, you find its class and add display: none in the right spot of your child theme.

    Technically, you could change the theme files themselves. But there are several issues with that and I wouldn’t recommend it. Again, the child theme can be a single file in a folder and that file can be very short. To hide sections of the page, display: none works well.
    To do more complex things, you can add a functions.php file in your child theme. You can do a whole lot with these two files (styles.php and functions.php), completely changing the theme. Doing so, you learn about how things work.
    One reason I like themes based on the Hybrid framework so much is that the overall architecture of the themes makes sense. Tried another framework and got quite confused, for a while.

    P.S. Your site’s title shows up as “Plugins SEO”. And I only passed by Bologna on my way to Siena, but your site does make me nostalgic of other parts of Italy.

    wow!! thanks so much!!
    my website is (which i did a long time ago … i really should fix it!!) we go to Italy almost every year!!!
    i also am president of F.I.G.
    take a look at a video i made

    PS where is the title seo coming from? where in wordpress do i change that?
    ucanreacheme at marvalpertatgmaildotcom

    Dunno where the SEO title is coming from but it’s probably easy to troubleshoot (as it probably comes from a plugin).

    You can email me about other stuff (same username here and on Gmail).
    It was probably much longer of an off-topic thread than anybody can bear… 😉

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