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  • I need to display svg vector line/text graphics. The Google Doc Embedder is the closest I’ve come to finding a way to load svg files to WP. However, this plugin does not provide, IMO, a useful way to access the essential features and quality of svg vector graphics: the GDE converts the svg to a small bitmapped graphic that is then greatly muddied/distorted on zooming in. In addition, there is no good reason that additional ‘controls’ should have to be placed with each graphic. This totally destroys the clean “text and graphics” only design and scheme of WP and, essentially, the web itself. Yes, an occasional button for some control, but not four controls and an internal scrollbar in a tiny window. I appreciate the effort and offering but I find it unusable.

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  • Ok, I found the way to hide the toolbar buttons but this is still unusable for anyone who has taken the time to develop svg files to display the clarity and scalability that they offer.

    Here here. As the plugin developer I wholly agree. Google’s viewer (which my plugin merely wraps) works by converting things to PNG, which is not scalable. Thus the scalable benefits of SVG, as you’ve said, are lost. This conversion makes many file types visible and useful without plugins, which is its purpose. It is a simple viewer implementation that offers some SVG ability, so I extend it in the plugin. However I agree that for SVG in particular, it’s not useful in maintaining scalability. It is not intended to be.

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