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  • Hi rohanpai,

    Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment, and to be honest I never thought of it. I’m sorry about that, and will look into implementing this in a future version.


    After some initial research this seems possible… would require some thought though about which settings make sense globally and which don’t. Height and width doesn’t seem like a great candidate because of the variety of themes. Viewer type and toolbar customization might be applicable though. Not sure what else. If you have more feedback about this, I’d welcome it.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Hi k3davis,

    Thank you for the response. Is there anyway to set these settings in the embed
    [gview file=”” open-window=false] ?


    Currently all of the toolbar customization settings are global (can’t be changed per instance).


    Hi Kevin,

    One more thing. Although I cannot see the open new window icon (i disabled it) if i press the top right of the embed the document opens in a new window. Is there any way of disabling it completely?

    Thanks again

    That…. would be a bug. Periodically Google changes their code and some of those changes aren’t immediately obvious to me. I’ll get a fix out there soon. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Hi Kevin,
    Sorry, one last question. Is there a way to disable copying/selecting text from the document with this plugin?

    It’s a great plugin thank you.

    Hi rohanpai,

    It doesn’t seem possible (or at least, I haven’t figured out yet) how to disable selection/copying of text. I can, however, remove all the visual cues – that would make it seem like selection is not possible (no outline, no highlighting, default cursor). This isn’t present in the current version because it isn’t quite 100% effective, but would probably prevent most people from trying. What do you think of this solution?

    That would be great! Is there some code I need to add, or would this be in the next update?

    I am trying to embed pdf files that cannot be copy pasted/saved. The whole reason I am embedding it, is so people cannot download them. I understand this is not a real solution but I want to provide a minor road block.

    Thanks again

    I’m refraining from adding features (only bug fixes) to 2.4.x as I’m working on 2.5 which has some significant updates. If you want to contact me directly (my email address is in the GPL statement at the top of gviewer.php) I can send you a drop-in replacement that will allow this to work in the meantime. Note that it will be lost on any plugin updates, in case new 2.4.x bug fixes are released. I’ll include the fix to the issue above as well (new window button hidden but still narrowly clickable).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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