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  • Here’s a weird one for you… the plugin isn’t working to embed files when I’m logged in to my Google account.

    As previously discussed with you, I’ve got internal error checking disabled.

    I’m using the enhanced viewer, because this is a project management system that involves lots of corporate viewers, most of whom are using IE of some variety.

    If I try to view an embedded PDF while logged into a Google account, it seems that the embedded document stops loading halfway through… it displays the number of pages and I can scroll through the empty placeholder pages, but it never finishes loading the control bar and it never populates the pages with actual content. Here’s a screenshot.

    If I log out of Google, it works perfectly. Here’s a screenshot of the same page, after logging out and then reloading.

    I’ve tested this with several computers and browsers, and two different Google accounts, with consistent results across the board:

    1. OSX 10.5, Intel CPU; Chrome, Firefox, Safari
    2. OSX 10.5, G5 CPU; Firefox, Safari
    3. Ubuntu 10.10, Intel CPU; Chrome, Firefox

    All computers and browsers are the latest version.

    It works fine if I switch over to the standard viewer, but as I said before IE support is critical.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Hello

    I am getting the same issue – when I am log into my Google account I can no longer see the pdf embedded in my WP page. When I log out of Google – the pdf appears again. I’m just wondering did you resolve the issue? Is there something in my Google Account that I need to set up? I’m using the latest version of FireFox on Win7


    Plugin Author k3davis



    This is a rare and obnoxious problem. By far the majority of people find that they have difficulty viewing the documents when they are NOT logged in to Google (they see a login screen in place of their document in the embedded iframe).

    Unfortunately there is no fix for this, short of pursuing the matter with Google directly, such as in the help forums, though their response is doubtful. I would like to offer more hope, but while the viewer is periodically improved, it remains quirky version after version. Google puts out some great stuff, but a lot of it remains rather rough. Sadly the viewer my plugin embeds is a victim of this.

    If anything turns up in the future, of course I will inform the post here or adjust my plugin as required. At this time the only recourse I can suggest at all is making sure that you’ve tried both the Standard and the Enhanced viewer options, as they deal with the document in somewhat different ways. No one choice works in every circumstance, sadly.


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