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  • eudjinnie


    This is a wonderful plugin, but I’m having some odd errors that I can’t resolve with it. I’m trying to view PowerPoint documents, and the pages aren’t displaying upon initial load in IE7. (I’ve refreshed and cleared the cache multiple times.)

    Click to see a screenshot of what I see.

    If I click on “Open in New Window” I can see it in Google Docs, and if I then go back to the page and refresh it, it shows up in the viewer, but this is obviously not optimal behavior. Also, if I “Zoom in” as small as it can get, I can see thumbnails of the PPT images in the viewer, but as soon as I zoom out again, I get the no-image error.

    It seems to work fine for me in Firefox (v3.5.3) although I’ve heard from another user that it’s behaving like that for them in Firefox too. Not sure what version of FF she’s using.

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  • k3davis


    Unfortunately this seems to be a limitation of the viewer itself – it is a bit buggy right now. The reason why I put the blame on Google’s viewer rather than the plugin is that, when I paste the iframe code directly from the viewer into a blank web page (outside the plugin, and WP entirely), I experience the same results. Some files load properly, some don’t load at all, and others load partially (on several tests, page 1 was a broken image, where page 2 loaded correctly, etc.).

    I regret this and will keep investigating, but at the moment it appears there are issues with Google’s viewer itself (which this plugin merely embeds). One thing to take a look at in IE – I found that it worked more reliably there if I reduced the security settings for cookies to allow all. In some instances it appeared that IE was blocking a cookie that made the plugin work, where Firefox does not do that – making Firefox more reliable in this case (though still sporadically having similar problems).

    If you’d like me to take a look at your specific use of it to eliminate any other issue, please submit the support form on the plugin web site and I’ll try to duplicate the behavior on my end. At the moment though I think this is a common (though seemingly random) problem on any web page using Google’s viewer, especially in IE. Sadly this plugin can only be made as reliable as the third-party component it relies upon… though one would hope being Google’s it would receive adequate attention.

    If I discover anything else about it, I’ll post here. Thanks for your patience.



    I wondered if that was the case since I’d tested it before on IE7 and it worked beautifully, so it felt like something external was the culprit rather than WordPress or the plugin. Thanks for getting back to me so promptly.

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