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  • Hi sime0n,

    Unless Google improves their algorithm this probably won’t change. I’m sure they are balancing the convenience of the internal conversion with the need for speed, resulting in a fair amount of compression that may not serve certain types of designs very well.

    I’ve found that while I can make changes to the viewer interface fairly easily, there is little I can do about the document quality itself. I had an experimental build that generated its own renderings of the page, allowing me to set my own resolution and so on, but it suffered from a lot of inconveniencies – most notably the need for certain somewhat uncommon PHP extensions to be installed and working on Apache, which severely limits the plugin’s usefulness (including no IIS support).

    Given Google’s history of releasing “neat” tools and often letting them languish afterward, I honestly wouldn’t really expect vast improvements. The viewer inherits to some degree from that of Google Drive which is still an active product of theirs, so it’s possible it will get better in the future, but by no means guaranteed.

    Hope this helps.


    Definitely helps, thanks for the frank assessment. I have a feature request as a result.

    Pixelation off site is all good but designers will hunt me down if I allow it onsite. The option to have Google render the image is invaluable, but the option to view in a new window is inside the (possibly pixelated) iframe.

    An option to hide the iframe and instead display the ‘open in a new window’ icon beside the download link would rock.

    And fwiw, I’m beginning to suspect this has more to do with the pdfs than Google. Most of the time it works fine, when it does pixelate it’s in the same spots each time. I’ll check my pdfs page by page to try and spot differences and follow up here if I find any.

    If you don’t want to embed the document on the page directly, you can really just make a download link yourself that’s set to open the full screen version in a new tab. I know you lose a little of the convenience of the shortcode, but if you’re not actually embedding anything all you really need is a straight-up link.

    I do want to include a collapsible sort of view in a future version, but a feature that just makes a link isn’t much of a feature in this case… 🙂

    I considered it, but figure I’d have to store media on Google Drive for that? I’d prefer to keep all the media together in the WordPress library and just use Google for rendering rather than splitting the library between WordPress and Google.

    If an ‘open in a new window’ icon was outside the iframe I could display:none the iframe to avoid pixelation, retain the GDE core functionality via the ‘open in a new window’ icon, and keep all the files in one place.


    I’ll think more about that. It’s kind of a unique use as far as I know, but maybe such a function would be useful to others.

    You can make your links using the viewer tool directly, that way you can still keep your documents in WordPress and link to the full screen viewer.

    Hopefully that’s useful in the meantime.

    Ah cool the viewer tool looks about perfect for what I’m getting at. Thanks for the tip, and stellar support!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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