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  • My documents are loading but initially displaying the last page when I preview the blog entry?

    Assuming I can be assisted in resolving that issue:

    1)While I would like the initial document page displayed as default, it would be a good feature to allow the option to initially display another page or the thumbnail page view if so desired on a post by post basis.

    2)As I know I will run into this issue in the future, what are the file size limitations for displaying a pdf or ppt file that resides on my website?

    (This is not an issue with the small pdf files that I have been testing regarding my initial question but I do have some sizable PDFs I would like to display inline on my blog)

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  • entry,

    I haven’t seen the behavior you’re describing, but in answer to most of your questions, this plugin only embeds Google’s viewer. As such it only has the features (and sometimes, sadly, bugs) that Google’s viewer does.

    As for maximum file size, I have not determined this with accuracy, but I know that files that are between 10-15MB (and certainly above that) fail to load. Good optimization of the source files and PDFs can make the documents quite long and graphics-intensive and still stay well below these limitations in just about every standard use. TIFF, of course, can get to be quite a bit larger.

    Hope this is at least somewhat helpful.

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