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  • Hi there,

    I love this plug-in, however have run into a bit of an issue.

    I’m attempting to display PDF documents and am running into an issue where the document displays for some computers, but shows the small broken link icon in the top left hand corner of the viewer on other computers.

    For instance, I can view the document from my main computer, however when I go to the page from my secondary (a netbook) I get the broken link.

    I have sent the link to others to see if the problem is wide spread, and it seems that some can seem the document and others can’t.

    I have tested over several different browsers and that does not appear to be the issue.

    The test link I have been working with is:

    Any ideas as to what could be happening here?



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  • Plugin Author k3davis



    Are you using the Standard Viewer or Enhanced Viewer option? The standard viewer may work in more browsers, with the (notable!) exception of Internet Explorer. The Enhanced one works (as far as I can tell) in all browsers, though there was a break in Firefox 4 earlier in their beta cycle – it looks to be working as of beta 3.

    If you have other experience and can help me reproduce the problem, I will try my best to help.


    I have a similar issue – it seems flaky – When I open it in Chrome it works and then IE doesn’t?

    I think I finally got it working on both but now someone on a Mac is reporting the blank box? Any ideas?

    Plugin Author k3davis


    vbarrio, I’m sorry for your frustration on this. “Flaky” is the worst possible error to try to address. This issue is reported now and then by various people, but seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I can’t reproduce the problem myself on any Windows OS or browser except IE in the Standard Viewer, which is normal behavior, so what do ya do? I’ll keep my eye on it and hope some pattern emerges I can address.

    The latest issue I’ve seen is that it loads a blank (gray screen) and then the loading bar shows up but then there is nothing – I am using Chrome. It shows to pages but the area stays gray.

    I meant to say two pages.



    We just discovered this wonderful plugin and are experiencing the same problem. My OSX laptop shows no problem whatsoever…my partner’s OSX laptop was showing the blank screen.

    My partner then signed into her Google account and Voila It worked fine…even after she logged out of Google.

    Any other ideas?



    I fixed my issue by using:
    [gview file=”pdfname.pdf” force=1] Force=1

    Good luck!! 🙂

    From what i can tell, my problem is being caused by IE not accepting 3rd party cookies from google to make the viewer work correctly. Haven’t figured a work around.

    Plugin Author k3davis


    Scott, are you using the Standard or Enhanced Viewer? The Enhanced viewer is intended to strip all cookie interaction (among other things). It is not a perfect solution but it should address at least that specific issue.

    Thanks k3davis… I was using the enhanced viewer before as well…I installed another viewer to give it a try, then GDE started workin again. I uninstalled the other and GDE still works. Not sure if there was something going on in my IE rather than the plugin. Oh well, it works!

    Ok, stopped working due to IE security settings again. Third party cookies not accepted. Viewer loads, but pdf does not. (for most users in IE)

    Plugin Author k3davis


    You’re not using GDE there (understandably if you found it not to be working) so it’s impossible for me to offer any diagnostic advice.

    The IE cookie issue seemed to be fixed in the standard viewer recently, though I haven’t tested it extensively. The enhanced viewer strips cookie code, so if that is failing with cookie errors, you may have some cache problem, or something else entirely. I can only guess, unfortunately.

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