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    I hate to call the “it works for me” defense on you, but it does:

    You’re correct that other APIs have been discontinued. Google Viewer probably won’t be, because of its integration with Google Docs; however its use outside of Google Docs has never been completely stable so of course no guarantees there. However as of now all appears to be well.

    Strange. It does not work on any of the two sites i have installed it. I can not view it neither in Firefox nor in IE9 on the same PC nor in IE8 on another PC on the same WLAN. Is my IP address blacklisted?

    Even more strange: After having been unavailable for a couple of days, Google docs viewer now works in all plugins on both sites.

    There is a definitely a problem with the plugin since couple a days ago.

    In “Google Standard Viewer” option it doesn’t show anything, and in “Enhanced Viewer” it shows only the doc-viewer frame, but not the PDF document itself. This is an issue in Safari on Mac, and IE9 on PC.

    But in Firefox on Mac it works just fine (????!).

    I tried several tricks, reinstalled the plugin, change all the possible settings, but it’s all the same.

    I also tested lots of other links (people that use Google doc viewer posted their links in this forum) and it is always the same: it is not working in Safari (doesn’t show anything), but it works fine with Firefox (both on Mac).

    So there IS a problem… somewhere out there ūüôā

    Plugin Author k3davis


    Try embedding your document using Google’s viewer directly.

    My plugin tries to make this service more convenient, but in the end it’s only a wrapper for what Google provides. If it doesn’t work there, it won’t work anywhere.

    I am having the same issue in IE9 and Safari/Mac, including when I use Google’s viewer directly. It seems that the Google Doc Viewer incompatibility/flakiness has been around for a while.

    Anyone out there have a bulletproof PDF embedding solution?

    Plugin Author k3davis


    nwarmenh, You are right, there is a good deal of flakiness inherent with Google’s viewer… which has made it difficult for a plugin maker to try to work around the issues. I do find (in my case at least) that enhanced viewer works fine in IE9. I can’t speak for Safari/Mac, though.

    Plugin version 2.2.3 included some important enhanced viewer fixes, so it may be worth another try. But of course it is not perfect and ultimately subject to many Google quirks, nonetheless.

    I experience the same problem, unfortunately.
    The .pdf file is only showing up in the latest browser: Google Chrome, not in Firefox or IE9.
    It is very important for my website. And it is the best I can find!
    Is there a fix comming soon?

    Please, give reference to the version 2.2.2

    Plugin Author k3davis


    mijniemail, I’m sorry for the trouble you’re having. Unfortunately version 2.2.3 includes all the fixes currently available. I can’t reproduce these issues in my environment.

    profipl, I’m not sure what you’re asking for there.

    Sorry if my comment is obvious, and this is something you’ve already taken into account… It seems to me that Google moved the Viewer service behind their Google Docs authentication. If you’re logged in, documents are displayed like the way they used to. Otherwise you get a blank page.

    I’m not actually using the plugin, but a self-coded wrapper.

    Sorry, I have to take that previous statement back. Perhaps there was some sort of misconfiguration on Google’s servers, but “my way” seems to work again.

    This thread is a week old, but I got a complaint only about two hours ago, so I can’t comment on the duration of this auth problem.

    @mandr1: Actually, I’m going to have to say that you’re on to something. A colleague of mine and myself tested the plugin under IE9, FF10 + FF11a, Chrome 16 + 17b. Out of those the issue appeared under the Firefox browser tests. IE9 seemed to render the document fine, as well as Chrome. Then I came across your post and we tried being logged into Google Docs, where the PDF rendered fine under both versions of Firefox.

    My pdf’s vanished in Chrome & Firefox (fine in IE) – big white blank space where they should be.
    Standard viewer setting:
    I logged out of Google and the pdf appeared OK in Chrome – IE still OK, Firefox still not showing it.

    Then tried Enhanced viewer setting to try to resolve FF:
    big grey box in Chrome & FF, no pdf

    Plugin Author k3davis


    Feel free to set up a test page as an example. With the plugin removed I have nothing to go on. Thanks.

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