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  • First, let me say, great plugin! I’ve been using it on a few different sites and have been thrilled with it thus far.

    For some reason, my documents recently stopped displaying. They had been working just fine, but now I only see a black rectangle with no content. I’m experiencing this on two different WP installs on two different servers. It doesn’t work in either Firefox, or Chrome… and I’ve tried it on both OSX and Win 7. It does (ironically) work in IE8.

    The two sites are


    I’ve tried running the plugin in the non-enhanced version, and I’ve tried adding force=1 to the shortcode.

    Any thoughts?


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  • I admit this is strange. Your first site worked when I opened an individual post (the direct link to articles has 2 viewers embedded on the page, but one is just the toolbar, not sure if that’s from my plugin or what you’re doing there, but it works on the single page version of the post). The second one has no explanation.

    If anyone else can repeat this problem on their sites, I would be happy to hear about it, so that maybe I can narrow down the issue.

    PS, sorry for the very late response. This message got lost in the first month of my senior year of college…


    I am having the same issue.
    The plugin works on Safari and IE. But not Firefox.
    If its of any assistance to you, here is another link where this is an issue

    I am actually having this same issue – however it’s not consistent as on my work computer (windows 7 newest version of firefox) it shows up perfectly but my home computer (windows xp newest version of firefix) it didn’t show up at all.

    In fact, the entire plugin didn’t seem to load images as the controls of the viewer didn’t show up either. However, I could click on the controls and when I clicked the space where the button to view in another window should have been – it in fact opened my pdf (which is uploaded to our websites server) in google documents!? I found that odd. THEN – when I reloaded the page which included the plugin after that everything loaded fine! The control buttons showed up and the newsletter magically appeared!

    So, there is some issue there that I’m unable to figure out, but I just wanted to report what worked so that we might be able to figure out how to get it working from the get go in all browsers and on all computers.

    Does one have to be signed in to a google account for these documents to show up, even if the pdf is stored on the websites server and not through google documents?

    And something else weird to add to the mix – karabell’s link didn’t work for me at first either – showed the same thing that mine did – no controls, broken file link inside of the plugin. However, now when I go view that link (after getting the plugin to show up on my website in the random way I described above) it magically is working for that site as well. Very odd!

    I think this has something to do with being logged in to google. That’s the only thing I can figure out as I was not logged in to google until it opened up google documents for the newsletter in a new browser – which then forced my login.

    Won’t be odd at all that the document opens in Google when it’s full screen. Google Doc Embedder embeds the viewer from Google Docs, so the viewer is indeed a Google product. My plugin only seeks to make it easy to integrate it and use it on your site without uploading everything to Google Docs (or another service) first.

    This service was offered by Google to web developers and site owners, so it’s being offered with the hopes that Google would continue to make it usable and available, but perhaps they have changed the behavior of the viewer such that a Google login is now required for this to be useful. This is greatly regrettable if so, but is nonetheless an issue beyond my control. Be sure to switch to Google Standard Viewer if you’re having problems first; if this has no effect then Google’s viewer itself is broken. As my plugin only embeds this, I am sadly at their mercy. I hope this can be resolved soon.

    Hi Guys don’t know if this helps: don’t use the plugin e the embeddable Google code to achieve the same result hopefully working here. For it to work I need to be logged in to my Google account that is registered to the url of the site.
    Once I’m logged out the code breaks. So have to ensure that I’m permanently logged in to my account.



    That’s all the plugin does, is embed the same code (with some convenience added). So plugin or not, the same limitations apply.

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