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  • I just installed your plug-in. So far everything seems to be working. But when I clicked on the “manual mass import” button, it imported just one post, which I put in G+ in early August. Any idea why it skipped all the more recent ones?

    Also, a feature request: it would be great to be able to import from multiple G+ accounts (my husband and I share a blog). 🙂 But thanks – great plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Sebastian


    duplicate post, please ignore…

    Plugin Author Sebastian


    Hhhm, you probably had the setting of maximum posts to import set to 1. Therefore, the manual import only gets the latest post and imports it.

    If you now change the number to 100 (which is the current maximum), it won’t import the other posts, because it always just imports posts, which are newer than the one imported last.

    To overcome this problem, you need direct access to the database, because there it stores the ID of the post imported last. If you want to try it, go as follows:

    1. Set the number of posts to import to 100 and save your settings.
    2. Delete the single post, which was already imported using the WordPress admin interface.
    3. Open your database web front end (I hope your hosting provider is having something like that, e.g. PHPMyAdmin)
    4. Make a database backup.
    5. Locate the “options” table of your WordPress installation. Please note, you might have a suffix added to the table name, so check your WordPress database settings, too!
    6. Run the following SQL statement. Please note, you might have to adapt the name of the options table in case you are using a suffix. Also, the table name (options) must be enclosed with backticks. I can’t add them here, because the forum editor removes them… SELECT * FROM options where option_name = 'g_crossposting_last_activity_id'
    7. This SQL statement should have returned a single row. There should be a way in your front end to delete this row.
    8. After you deleted the row, you can start the manual import again.

    I hope this gives you an idea how to accomplish that.

    I think I’m not going to mess with the database. My G+ posts aren’t that significant. 🙂 But just FYI, it didn’t pull the most recent post. It skipped over at least 10, including one from less than an hour before, and instead took one from August 11. I have been experimenting with various Firefox add-ons for G+, so maybe that had something to do with it. They’re all disabled now.

    I am having the same problem on my hosted WordPress blog. When I do a mass import I get a single entry from July. I tried the database trick, more than once, and no change. I am running the latest plugin and WordPress versions.

    I also had the ForEach problem and manually edited the config file so now it runs but nothing gets cross posted. How often does it check anyway for new posts? I can live without old posts but I have yet to see anything new show up.

    Any suggestions?

    I figured out my problem – user error. My posts weren’t public so they didn’t get picked up.

    That makes sense. I’m getting used to G+. I’ll try this out.

    Yep. Creating a public post worked just fine. Something else that should go in the documentation for FAQ.

    Plugin Author Sebastian


    The plugin checks G+ about every 5 minutes. However, if you don’t have a visitor on your site for more than five minutes, it will only the next time someone visits your page. This can only be circumvented by having a cron job on your site to run every 5 minutes. However, cron jobs are usually not available on cheap free hosting offerings.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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