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    Hi Sebastian,

    First off, thank you for the awesome plugin!

    It works wonderfully, but I did notice a bit of an issue: Google+ ID & API key keeps disappearing. I am able to save the information in the plugin, but it seems the info would disappear from time to time. It definitely happened after I updated the plugin, but sometimes it would happen even though I haven’t touched the plugin (change any settings) for a while.

    It’s not anything a little copy-and-paste can’t fix, but it’s a bit annoying when there’s no telling when the info would disappear — the only time I would notice is when I don’t see my G+ posts get posted onto my site.

    Any thoughts on the issue?

    Thank you again!

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  • Plugin Author Sebastian



    are you using the latest version (1.1.1)? There was a bug in the previous version removing the settings from time to time, but that shouldn’t be the case in 1.1.1 anymore.

    Hi Sebastian,

    Yes, I’m using the latest version. I thought I had the 1.1.1 version the last time the IDs disappeared but I don’t remember for sure. But I haven’t noticed the settings disappearing since I posted here…

    I will keep checking the next several days, and if it happens again I will let you know.

    Thank you again!

    I still have disappearing settings and I’m running 1.1.1.

    Hi Sebastian,

    The API key and Google+ ID disappearing issue has come back… Now it seems every time I go into the Settings of the plugin, the key and ID are gone. I reenter all the info and save, they get saved and the plugin works fine. But at some point, they disappear again (I notice because I see my G+ posts aren’t getting cross-posted)…

    This seems to have started recently (last couple of weeks, may be?)…

    I run Firefox (latest version) and set it to clear browser data every time I close the browser… I don’t see how this could cause the problem, but I just want to give you this info.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?


    Plugin Author Sebastian


    Hi itpixie,

    can you please post which exact version of the plugin and WordPress you are using?

    Hi Sebastian,

    I’m using:

    WP: 3.3.1
    G+ crosspost: 1.1.1

    I just posted something on G+ using Safari 5.1.5, and that got crossposted to my WP successfully. When I checked the plugin settings using Safari just now, all the ID and key are intact as well… Just FYI.


    I am having the exact same issue and have the latest version of the plugin and the latest WP too.

    Crosspostin Version 1.1.1
    WP 3.3.2

    I’ve had the same problem as well. I’ve tried it with IE, Chrome and Safari.

    Crossposting 1.1.1
    Wordpress 3.3.2

    Looks like a great plug-in, I hope to get it working soon.

    Plugin Author Sebastian


    Good news, I was now able to reproduce this problem, so I’m hopefully able to release a new version next week to get it fixed.

    I’m excited to get this plugin working but I think I have kind of the same problem.
    I’m running WordPress 3.3.2 and Crossposting 1.1.1. I can enter and save my Google+ ID but when I enter my activated Google+ API and save I get a Server error (!?).
    “The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.”
    And the API key is gone. As you can see my webpage is not public yet but I’ve managed to get other plugins working so I don’t think that has anything to do with it.

    Hope to get this up and running soon 🙂

    Hi Sebastian
    I’m running WP 3.3 and Google+ Crossposting 1.1.1 and I have problems making this work.

    The G+ID and the API key disappears when saving. I’ve tried with Chrome and IE. Postings in G+ are not crossposted.

    Any opinions?

    Hi Sebastian, I gave up and chose this plugin, after I tried it I also bought it for 10 USD. It also brings your Google+ comments and shows reshares as well.

    Hi Sebastian

    I installed your plugin today (Tuesday 8th of January) and I have this problem too. WordPress version 3.5 and the latest version of your plugin. Tried by first applying the Google+ ID and then save, after which I did it the other way around. No matter what I try, both of these settings were not saved.

    Would very much like to use your plugin, but right now it proves to be a little unstable. Although I’m not sure that lies with your plugin. Could be Google that’s handling API requests wrongly.

    Keep it up!


    Hi Sebastian,

    Know UR probably busy trying to fix it but I too am getting this error. Latest version of wp and your plugin.

    Hope you can fix it soon.


    Plugin Author Sebastian


    @imofx Of course you need to insert API key and G+ ID in the settings form at the same time. Have you done that?

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