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    Feel free to post support questions to the forums with the ‘google-calendar-widget’ tag so that see them and can respond. This will be better than posting comments to my blog, since those tend to turn into email conversations that not everyone gets to see. Also, other users will be able to help you more if you post to a public forum such as this one.

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  • when I activate I get a fatal error:

    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found in /home2/newyork3/public_html/jenkintownmayor/wp-content/plugins/google-calendar-widget/ko-calendar.php on line 15

    I have had no problem setting up and getting your plugin to work. It lists the number of events I want very nicely. Except that font is very small, much smaller than the rest of the site. I looked at the source of the page, to see if I could change it to fit with the rest of the pages with CSS, but the list is generated by javascript, outside of any CSS tags.

    Except for the styling problem, this plugin does exactly what I want. Any way to get the ability to style the widget output to match my site?

    I am using hyperlinks in the google calendar description field which works well for both RSS feed and the Google Calendar itself. When using this widget, the hyperlink which I include in the google calendar description field, does not come over correctly. I follow the guidelines in the Google forum for doing this. What is displayed in the gadget is an erroneous link that doesnt work. I use the following instructions from Google Forums:

    Include Google Document in Google Calendar – How to

    Insert this html code in the CALENDAR EVENT.
    <a href="this is the google link to your document">This is the text you want.</a>

    Installed and running perfectly – however I’d like to change the way it displays events – with no details on the times of the event – and the name of the event as a hyperlink (that sits in the description).
    Had a quick look at the code but confused myself – anyone got any pointers?

    Even to just remove everything other than the event name to begin with…

    Help, please! Suddenly without warning the plugin broke the site! Feed is fine, nothing added to the calendar, no broken links, it just broke! please take a look I don’t know why at all. Now if I disable the plugin the site itself never finishes loading. Agh!

    And then it stopped being broken. I wish I knew why. I deleted it and re-installed, and it worked but only the second time for some reason? Anyway, issue gone.

    @thewedgie: In the Google Calendar widget options there is a “Expand Entries by Default” check box if you uncheck it then you will only see the event names and when you click on an event you will see the info for it. If it’s already unchecked, check it and save the widget and then uncheck it and save again!

    I hope that works for you.

    Is there the possibility of adding a next/previous navigation to the bottom so people can see more upcoming events?

    thanks this is really a great plugin!

    The widget never loads my calendar events. The little animation that says it’s loading just keeps going around and around forever. I changed the end of my calender link from /basic to /full.

    What is it that I need to do?

    Like the widget but want to change the color of text. It’s blue on my site and I would like to change it. Looked at the code to find it but couldn’t figure out where.

    I’m having the same issue as eryque (not loading feed). Funny thing is it works on my local server, but not my web host. Any ideas?

    I’m running WordPress 3.0. Also getting this error:
    Error: ko_calendar is not defined

    If you are having issue on a web host, can you please post a link to the page with the error? That would be helpful.

    Hi Poco –

    I’m the person seeing that ko_calendar is undefined…

    SORRY! Just figured out that this theme is NOT widget ready…

    Anyone else having their calendar events show up twice, (i.e. one below the other?) Any help much appreciated.

    If you are seeing the calendar events twice you might accidentally have the same calendar listed twice. Check the settings and make sure there is only one calendar and then save.

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