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  • Rather than restricting the display to a max # of results, it would be better to use a max # of days. For instance, if I limit the widget to only show 5 results it will frequently give an inaccurate impression when I have more than one event on a single day (e.g., I have 4 events tomorrow and 2 events on the next day; a limit of 5 shows tomorrow and only the first event from the next day).

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  • Sounds like a good feature request. I would like this too.

    Honestly, I wish there was a way to have a combination ability for many similar events to make them one event. For example, I do stand-up and have a bunch of shows from 6/17/-6/20 at the same venue. 6 shows total. This becomes 6 entries and while it’s ok when this is on the google calendar, for the upcoming events sidebar widget, it’s annoying to see so many repetitive thing. For a runaround solution, I went back and modified the event to just make it a 4 day event and in the details, listed out all the 6 showtimes. And in my settings, I have it set to automatically expand once you go to the site.

    RE: Max days instead of Max results

    That is a valid request, and I am willing to consider it in future versions. If anyone is willing to propose a specific fix it might happen sooner.

    As for the one-many day events, it is interesting that I have a request that multiday events should show up multiple times, one for each day, which is clearly not what srizvi1 wants. I will have to remember to make that an option, not a default.

    When you set the number of entries read from the feed high enough, you can count the days while processing the merged feed, and ‘break’ when the set number of days is shown.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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