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  • Hi
    No, you won’t be able to access your blog without your phone.

    If you loose your phone you can disable/delete the plugin via a shell or FTP.

    Best regards
    Henrik Schack

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    Would it be sufficient to rename the plugin folder to disable it? Or is there another way?

    If you can access your database directly, then you need to tweak the value of data in the wp_options table as follows… First: Find the record with option_name = ‘active_plugins’. Second: update the option_value for that record to be exactly the same but with the following single character change: “google-authenticator/google-authenticator.php” -> “google-authenticator/google-authenticator.phx” . Notice we’ve just changed the php at the end to be phx. This will disable the google-authenticator plugin, and give you a warning when you login that the (non-existant) google-authenticator.phx plugin has been disabled which you can ignore. When you’ve got everything ready to rock again, you can simply activate the authenticator plugin again via the admin pages.

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    Thanks. I understand. Hope to never need this. But can manage when required.

    It would be great to have an “OMG! I’ve lost everything, including my brains” secret token for the technically challenged. 😉

    A great feature to add to this plug-in would be the ability to create backup codes which you can print in case you loose your phone (or your brains ;). This is the same trick that gmail does when you set two factor auth there.

    Otherwise, super happy to see this app exists and can’t wait to install it!

    Hi Guys, You can still log in if you lose your phone… You install the Google Authenticator App in Google Chrome and also on any other smartphone you might have and you can use the same account details and secret to set-up your one-time authentication on these devices and applications so if you lose your phone you can still access everything via your app in Chrome. All need to be set-up at the same time but works fine 🙂

    See the video guide here :-

    I set up google authenticator on WordPress and my verification code won’t let me into my WordPress. Now I am logged out with no way of logging in. Is there a way I can disable this plugin ??

    Hi Alexa298,

    Yes to disable the plugin open an FTP session to your WordPress and locate the folder below :-


    If you rename the ‘google-authenticator’ folder to ‘_google-authenticator’ this will disable the plugin.

    Login to your wordpress as normal then open the plugins.

    Now from the FTP rename the ‘_google-authenticator’ back to ‘google-authenticator’ and in your web-browser click the plugins tab again the google-authenticator plugin will now be de-activated, you can re-activate it and go into your user account to re-configure.

    If you watch this video from beginning to end on Google Authenticator it does step you through setting-up another admin account while you test everything in case this happens so you do not lock yourself out. You then delete the second (non Google Authenticator active) admin account once you have everything verified working OK.

    See the video guide here :- its the last one on the page video 3 on Google Authenticator.

    Hope this helps you out of a muddle 🙂


    Thank you for responding but I feel like I am still not WP savvy yet. How do I open an FTP session into my WordPress. And since I can’t login at all is that a problem ?

    Hi Alexa298,

    No problem… FTP access is always accessible even if you WordPress is locked out, do you have cPanel access with your host?

    If you can tell me who you are hosting your site with I can possibly give you more specific instruction on how to gain access.

    I can fix it for you if you are really stuck, drop me a message with your contact details here and I’ll contact you directly in the morning

    All the best


    Does it matter if is my host?

    Yes, it matters – WordPress.COM sites are totally different – you need to ask here:

    You don’t have FTP access to your site on WordPress.COM, among other major differences.

    Also, we do not recommend responding to offers of help from “strangers” on these forums.

    This thread is now closed as it was long ago resolved for the OP.

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