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  • More than likely it’s an issue with how your payment processing is setup. E-commerce solutions for WordPress rely on transaction processing workflows defined by the payment processor. So in the case of a solution like PayPal Standard, the default setup is to leave the site and finish the transaction at PayPal. That means the customer never returns, hence the GA tracking would not get recorded for the transaction.

    You can setup auto-return for PayPal, but you’ve got to dig in their settings. Have fun with that. PayPal has organized their settings… wait organized is really too strong a word. They’ve put their settings in somewhat unintuitive fashion. Have fun! Shopp should have some documentation that may help guide you to the settings, but PayPal redesigns/updates periodically so they can be out of sync.

    I’ve actually done the transactions using the built in “test mode” that Shopp has, which means the customer never leaves my site.
    Furthermore, I’ve inspected the page source of both the checkout and the thank you page and I haven’t seen any of reference to the ecommerce tracking script, such as: _addTrans, _addItem or _trackTrans.
    I also found no reference in Shopp’s documentation for Analytics integration. I tried modifying the receipt.php template, since all the transaction details are there, but for whatever reason they aren’t propagated on the thank you page. Any idea why? Or any pointers on how I can implement ecommerce tracking manually, on the thank you page?

    I’d certainly be interested to know how to get google analytics e-commerce tracking hooked up also, i poked around a bit in the template files, and haven’t seen any mention of necessary google tracking scripts…

    I haven’t found any documentation on Shopp’s site either.

    This pluggin might do it?

    Shopp Analytics

    @nef426: the plugin you’re referring to doesn’t work since Shopp v1.2..
    @jondavis: please point us in the right direction. The customer always returns on the thank you page with the setup I’ve got, no matter the payment method he’s choosing. What I don’t understand is how come I can’t see the changes I’ve made to receipt.php in the thank you page..

    bogdanch, regarding receipt.php, the only thing that I can suggest would be the usual suspects, you may not be editing the correct receipt.php. It depends on if you have custom templates set up rather than using the starter templates in Shopp.

    If they are setup, then you want to edit the receipt.php in your active theme under shopp/receipt.php

    If you don’t have custom templates set up, you should make sure you do that because editing the starter templates is not recommended.

    jondavis: That was is it. Hadn’t realized the client had customized the Shopp template. My only problem now is that since the receipt.php template is used on the customer account profile page as well, a transaction is recorded when the order history page is loaded 🙁 How do you suggest I avoid this?
    Thanks a lot for the help. If I manage to implement it right I’ll write a blog post about it and hopefully it will help others Shopp developers in the same situation as me.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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