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  • I changed the following lines in googleanalytics.php, line 1069-1072:

    $script = '';
    	if ( current_user_can('manage_options') && $options['debug'] )
    		$script = '';
    	echo "('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + '".$script."';";

    It should make it work.

    Thanks for the answer Johdah, I’m gonna try this immediately, and I hope having this feature with an on/ff in the next plugin version !

    Yes, it is a hack and it also looks like I got the debug link wrong. It should however work if you don’t enable that option. I hope..

    Did you use it and do you know after which delay the “remarketing list” comes available in Google Analytics ?

    I’m using since yesterday but unfortunately I don’t get that “remarketing lists” tab in GA.

    Here are the requirements For Using Remarketing With Google Analytics:

    • Agree to the Google Analytics Terms of Service (please make sure to review them fully as they may have changed since you last viewed them).
    • Agree to the Google Analytics for Display Advertisers Policy.
    • Update your privacy policy and include an appropriate description of your use of remarketing in online advertising.
    • Update your Analytics tracking code by adding a single line.
    • Have at least one active Google AdWords account that is linked to your Analytics account, and be an Admin on that Google Analytics account.

    I have fullfilled just the last two. I don’t think Google is checking my Privacy Policy etc. and assume it is a Google problem.

    Keith Aldrich


    I was also curious if this is something that will be implemented in a future release. It seems like a pretty simple implementation, and I’d like to avoid editing the sources files as they can get overwritten when updates are released.



    Even easier: just select “Host ga.js locally” in the settings and add as the URL (or https if you’re running a secure website).



    I actually wrote up the changes needed for this feature to be added to the plugin and attached it to the developer tracking system a few weeks ago. It just added a new check box to enable doubleclick. I have emailed/Tweeted/Posted to let the developer about it multiple times. He has not responded back to me. My version was for v4.2.5 but I am going to write it against 4.2.8. Maybe this time he will actually pull my changes into his release. One can hope!

    @conversive, easy solution and worked perfectly.




    Here is the Feature Enhancement Ticket for enabling doubleclick for Remarketing. I added the files with the changes needed to include this option.

    @conversive : really smart.
    No risk of code modification.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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